Our Forefathers


I keep thinking that one day my writing is going to get me in trouble with our government.  But I also believe it is worth the risk.  I was just thinking about our Forefathers.  Yes, while many people think about the sunshine and trees, etc., I like to think about our Forefathers and what got us to where we are presently.  I also think that the rumblings that have been felt in different areas of the country are not earthquakes but our Forefathers rolling over in their graves.  I think that many of those who gave up so much for the founding of our nation looks at things periodically and asks themselves the simple question:  I gave up what for who?

There are many who still keep the vision of our Forefathers alive and well.  Maybe actually more than what the media actually would like people to believe.  One thing that our Forefathers definitely would not tolerate would be cowards.  Unfortunately we have too many cowards in our government.  Let’s name a few names.  John Kerry is a bought and paid for coward.  He was when he turned his back on his fellow Vietnam veterans and is still nothing more than a political call girl for the highest bidder.  Obama is his present ‘John’ and is paying him to betray this country and to sell it over to Iran in the form of a nuclear deal.  Kerry, I believe, is too stupid to understand that Iran is getting and will get a nuclear bomb and will use it against the world.  It will not just be against Israel and the US; the world will feel the effects.  The bimbos who stand in front of the televisions as spokes people for this administration insults airheads.  Whoever made the wild eyed statement that you cannot kill your way out of ISIS and into peace and that you need to give them jobs should really sign up for the Darwin awards program.  Please, would someone bleach the gene pool now and then?  Pelosi and her wise words of: you must pass it in order to know what is in it; take the leading role in the local theater production of ‘The Dunce and I’.  Following Pelosi as the leading lady would be people such as Shelia Jackson Lee, Patty Murray, Elijah Cummings and Hank (Guam is going to tip over) Johnson as backup singers with the Harry Reid and the Nit-wit four.

Our Forefathers would be most entertained with Hillary and have probably had to keel-hauling a ship somewhere on her way over to England for what she has done against this union thus far.  And then there is Obama.  Where do I begin and I am sure that our Forefathers would have also wondered where to begin with Obama likewise.  This man is a traitor to this nation.  He is an insult to the office of President.  George Washington would not waste good horse poop on Obama.  He has taken the office of President and has used his powers to set up America for probably the greatest fight for existence since the 1700’s.  If America makes it to another election is yet to be seen.  The chapter is not written.  Obama has thrown everything and continues to throw all he can in opposition to the greatest experiment ever to be attempted in the history of mankind.

I hope it never comes to anything near what our Forefathers had to face to give birth to this great land.  All I can hope is that if it does that there will be another band of faithful who would be willing to make something near the same sacrifices that our Forefathers did in order to give this nation a beginning.  It is up to us to keep it going.  Which side of history would you be listed?


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