Forced Mexicanization

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I remember hearing stories of people who came to America as immigrants.  In many families they were not permitted to speak their old language outside of the home, and in some cases not to use the old language at all, because the parents wanted their children to become ‘full’ Americans.  They wanted them to learn English because that was part of becoming American.  The parents felt that if their children were to be able to take maximum advantage of the hope and future that America represented regarding jobs, works and success that their children need to know the language.

English has always been the language of America.  But there are disturbing changes coming to this land.  Recently there have been cases of people coming from Spanish speaking countries who have not been able to find work because they do not speak English and were able to get Social Security Disability.  While it was not mentioned often one of the Jet Blue airliners which crashed in the swamps was found to have been due to a simple fact that the mechanics who installed the air canisters installed them upside down since the instruction manual was in English.  Exit signs, emergency manuals, emergency equipment is all written in English.  So why are children being taught Spanish before being taught English?

I have no problem with any student being taught Spanish.  I have made numerous attempts to try and learn the language myself with varied success.  My problem with the matter comes when it appears to be getting forced upon America rather than being a choice.  It truly bothers me to be in a store and have the announcements in English and Spanish.  If you go to another country you do not have the option of having things given in English and the language of the land.   You either learn the language or you struggle.

I believe that this simple issue is an indicator of a deeper problem.  No country can be divided.  America is being divided into a Spanish America and an English America.  If we are to succeed we need to be a single America and then people can learn whatever they choose.  But to be a divided America does not bode well for the future of the land.  Eventually there will be one group which will become dominate.  Our politically correct mentality seems to be that anything English represents ‘white’ culture.  If it is white is it wrong.  This insane mentality has infiltrated everything in society and has turned right and wrong upside down.  Like so much in the politically correct arena the idea of teaching a child to speak Spanish is innocent and positive.  So if a person disagrees with teaching a child Spanish there can be a wide array of attack by those in favor of it.  But it is more than just teaching a child Spanish.  There is a deeper mentality that most people do not see simply because most people do not deal in deeper matters.  Most people are quite satisfied to simply accept a face value and surface level of issues and matters.

America is, if not has, losing its direction.  Who are Americans?  What are Americans?  What is America?  Where is America heading?  What is the identity of America?  Everyone seems to want their particular culture and idiosyncrasies to be dominate.  But America was originally meant to be a melting pot.  In a melting pot that which is placed inside it melts and becomes one with the other elements placed inside.  If you put butter and lard into a pan after they melt you cannot separate the butter from the lard.  You cannot put one on one side of the pan and the other on the other side of the pan.  They melt together forming one element.  If you melt a lead toy soldier and a lead fishing weight they do not remain separate.  They form one unit.  The melting pot is America.  The form and fashion is supposed to be America.  There is not supposed to be multiple fashions or components in the melting pot.  Yet with the politically correct mentality of everyone being Asian-American, Italian-American, Polish-American, African-American, Mexican-American, and everyone else-American, the concept of a melting pot disappears.  The product becomes fractured.  Just like a metal that does not blend well is easily cracked and destroyed so is the threat to America as the concept of a single unit dissipates.

When I was performing marriages I would encourage my couples who wanted to use a unity candle not to blow out the two side candles after lighting the unity candle.  I would tell them that they remained individuals while they also are making a signal unit.  It seems like people believe that if they ever make a signal nation that they might lose their cultural uniqueness.  Just the opposite happens.   By making a single unit, or a single nation or culture they do not lose that which they add to the country.  It is by the uniqueness people make a great nation.  But by the resistance to want to form a single nation they never light that center candle.  They never form a single light because they prefer to remain separate and unique.  Instead of their unique characteristics adding to the building of the nation they actually divide the nation into little separate groups fighting for recognition and separate identity.  Instead of building a strong America they splinter it into small pieces bent upon a selfish identity.  They insist upon something that never has been, never could be, and never was intended to be America.


1 thought on “Forced Mexicanization

  1. Glen Kippel

    Very well-written. My ancestors came to America to become Americans, not transplanted Norwegians and Volga Germans. They wanted to talk like, walk like, dress like, and act like Americans! It is true that American culture is not “Anglo” culture. Hot dogs came from Germany, tacos from Mexico and sushi from Japan. Much of our music, especially jazz and rock, was influenced by or derived from black culture. Our language includes words borrowed from several different languages. We used to have a common culture and could communicate with, and relate to, just about everybody. Now we have the Untied States of America and a bunch of hyphenated Americans, some of them at odds with the others. And that’s a shame.


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