Why do the blacks complain?

baltimore black riots

The purpose of this article is to ask simple questions dealing with fact and not emotion.  It is possible to do so and not be a racist.  I am so fed up with the term racist that I personally believe Martin Luther King would have been giving his donations to the sewer gods by now.  I believe he would be sick at the misuse of the term.  Everything is not racism.  I listen to the media and basically all I am hearing is excuses for bad behavior.  The riots of Baltimore are because the blacks are oppressed and not heard or understood.  The riots of Ferguson were because the blacks are oppressed and not heard or understood.  Excuse me but I don’t buy it!

I can hear the liberals about now going into shock at such a statement.  But as I look at the data I do not see support for their excuses.  I am tired of their excuse that whites have all the privileges.  White people are not the only race capable of racism.  Living in Chicago during the 60’s and 70’s I remember hearing about the kids being shot on the basketball court by Black Panthers simply because they were white.  I remember my brother being harassed by the black kids simply because he was the new white boy in the junior high school.  I remember the fear in his eyes when I was beginning to roam around with a group of kids at a convention in the heart of Chicago and he told me to get back to the hotel.  He knew more first hand of the kids in his school that had been shot because they were white.  I have worked in environments when I was the only ‘white’ person on the American Indian reservation and I was blamed for everything from Custer to Columbus.  All the while knowing I was more ‘Indian’ than my blonde haired blue eyed antagonist.  Everyone who has ever done anything outside their comfort zone knows harassment and racism.  It is not something especially unique to black people.

I hear how the blacks have so many problems with the educational system not bending or making things so that they are able to fit into the vernacular and traditions of the black youth.   But the school system is attempting to teach that youth the correct way to speak in a world where people are supposed to act professional.  It is such a breath of fresh air when I hear leading people in the professional black community speak out about how a black youth will never get a job as long as he wears his pants around his ankles and tries to talk like an illiterate thug. I hear the excuses for the bad behaviors of some of the black youths as a result of police bias.  Incarceration rates of blacks are at approximately 22% within the prisons while the Hispanic rates are at approximately 9%.   The blacks say that the high incarceration is because they do not have an opportunity for education, jobs, family breakdown and poverty.  The Hispanic communities have a dropout rate 32% higher than the black communities and a higher teen pregnancy rate of 42% versus 39% yet the Hispanics receive approximately 11% less federal funding and have a significantly lower incarceration rate.

It is time to strip away excuses.  It is time to strip away all the other so called reasons for bad behavior.  It is time to take away the ‘poor me’ mentality.  Over the years every race has had abuse.  People do not hear about the abuse against the Japanese or Jews in this country.  This is mainly because both of those social groups have decided they would not allow certain behaviors to identify them.  They chose to succeed.  There comes a point in time when society must look at reality and facts.  There are some black youths who choose to succeed and do so.  They are not defined by a group of peers but choose to be unique and come out from the shadows and be productive.  They do not want to be defined by either a victim mentality nor do they want to be defined by a mentality of dependency.  They see opportunities and they take them.  This is again another reason against the idea that the poor black teen is a victim of his environment and held down by the masses.  There comes a point in reality where people must begin to see that many of these black youths are held down by their own choices.  They are their own worst enemy.  They are the product of their own making.  It is not ‘the man’ or society that has trapped them into a culture that has a downward spiral but themselves.  They have become their own worst enemy.

As long as there are no negative consequences for riots, burning other people’s property, destroying other people’s businesses, or attacking authority figures such as police, this type of behavior will continue.  As long as there are the Al Sharpton’s among us who make excuses for the bad and criminal behavior under the guise of a ‘poor me’ mentality these actions will proliferate.  As long as the media will pick up the mantle of the black youth and make him or her an example of martyrdom there will never be change.  Only as the black youth takes charge of their own behaviors and situations will there ever be change in the black communities.  Only as they choose to make change will there ever be change.  The enemy of the black youth is the black youth.


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