Tired of the hypocrisy

Baltimore riots

For the past few days America has had the riots in Baltimore shoved at them through the media. You cannot turn on the news without hearing the liberals make excuses for the actions of criminals destroying lives and property as they desire. Some of these excuses usually center around how the poor black youth has had such a hard life and they are unheard regarding their cries to society for any assistance and help. The liberal ipecac becomes overwhelming. But this like most liberal points of view lacks substance and truth. If the liberals were really interested in reducing poverty and increasing the lives of people they would look at all people and not just a pet group.

According to Blackdemographics.com the rate of black families with no males were around 70.6% below poverty. By 2012 this rate had dropped to 41.2% cutting it almost in half. The rate of all black families in 1959 was around 54.9% with a dropping to 25.7% by 2012. It would be nice if the liberal media would look at real facts. The liberals keep blasting about how hard the blacks have it in this country to live. Yet the liberal media does not want to discuss poverty. They obviously just want to discuss black poverty. While the overall general black poverty level is at 25.7% the overall general poverty level of the American Indian is at 28.4%. Additionally while the blacks were living at high rates of poverty during the early years of the 20th century it was not until 1924 that the American Indian was even recognized as being a citizen. As a person goes to research poverty in the American Indian families the records become scarce since in so many documents the American Indian is absent. They are not even listed as if they still do not even exist.

The hypocrisy of the media in their exposing the poverty of the black needs to be uncovered. They are not interested so much in exposing poverty as much as to beat the political drum for the black community. The media consistently takes the side that if there is a problem between the police and the black community that the police must be the ones in the wrong. The media consistently takes the position that if there is a black teen shot by the police it is because the police are racists. If the black teen is protesting in riots it is because of the unheard condition of the black teen. It is sickening how the media takes the pulpit for the black community while twisting the facts in order to make a story regarding how hard the black community has it to survive. If the media truly wanted to be dealing with poverty they would deal with REAL poverty of the people and not simply take the side of a particular group.

The media loves to connect the black poverty levels to the rate of drop out blaming the school and educational systems for the poverty in the black communities. Over the past few years the dropout rate of the black community has dropped form 13%-8%. Over the same period of time the dropout rate of the Hispanic communities has dropped from 32%-13%. While the Hispanic dropout rate remains approximately 30% greater than the black communities the level of families living below the poverty level for the Hispanic communities is lower than that of the black communities at around 24%. The dropout rate for the Hispanics is 30% higher with a 2% lower rate of poverty. It is not the educational systems that are creating the problems for the black communities.

According to the 2010 report regarding incarcerations the level of Hispanic incarcerations was approximately at 9% while the blacks were at 22%. Again keep in mind that the Hispanic communities have a 30% higher school dropout rate. It is not the schools which create the problems for the black communities. According to 2013 records regarding teen pregnancies there is a 39% of teen pregnancy within the black communities verses a 42% level of teen pregnancy yet the incarceration level of the Hispanics to the black communities is less than half. It is not the family issues which are the problem for the black communities. According to welfare statistics approximately 28% of overall welfare spending goes to black communities while 17% approximately is received by the Hispanic communities. It is not the issue of government aid which is the problem for the black communities. Therefore, once you begin to strip away all other excuses for the black communities to be rioting and destroying the property of others and of being the highest group incarcerated the problem begins to be clear that the problem lies within the black communities.

It is not an exterior source which is the cause of all their problems. They are the cause for all their problems. This does not mean that there have and are not extenuating circumstances which might makes somethings difficult, but they also exist in all communities. The scope of investigation must stop being focused upon the exterior excuses and begin to examine personal choices made by members of the black communities. It appears as if the reason for their problems lies within, not without the black communities themselves.


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