Words have meaning

hammers and screwdrivers

There are terms being bantered around which need to be examined. Words are like tools. They really have no power within themselves but the manner in which they are utilized determines their power. But there are factions in society and government which loves to take words and give them meanings other than what the actual words represents. They truly seem to believe that if they scream the new definition for the word long enough and loud enough that people will eventually begin to believe those new definitions. But if someone knows what a hammer looks like and can recognize one at a glance then it does not matter if others scream and yell that it is not a hammer but is actually a screwdriver. The person who understands what a hammer looks like and is used for will always know that a hammer is a hammer and not a screwdriver.

Two words have been so misused that they have actually become weapons by the liberals against people to truly do not understand the meaning of words. These two words are ‘Islamaphobic and Homophobic’. The liberals have taken these words and have given them meanings that are not addressed in the words themselves. Again the liberals and government talking heads are calling a hammer a screwdriver and people believe them. These terms are being presented as meaning that if you are in opposition to either Islam or homosexuality than you are hostile towards them. But that is the total opposite as to the definition of the words as they are parsed out. Parsing out a word simply refers to breaking a word down. Many words are a combination of multiple words. The key element of both of these words is the term ‘phobic’. Phobic is derived from phobia or the fear of something. When a person is ‘phobic’ they are terrified by something. They want nothing to do with that which triggers their particular phobia. If a person has a phobia of water they avoid water and are terrified of being in or around water. If a person has a phobia of spiders or snakes they are basically rendered paralyzed by fear if they are in the presence of a spider or a snake. But liberals and other elements in society have taken the term phobia and have turned it from being terrified of something to where a person is hostile towards something and attacking that which has created their phobia. According to the term this is totally impossible. Yet, those in society consistently call a hammer a screwdriver.

Just because you do not agree with homosexuality does not mean that you are terrified of homosexuality. Neither does it mean, as the liberals or others in society are trying to present, that you are hostile towards it. Likewise, just because a person does not agree with the teachings of Islam or does not trust Islam due to the actions of radical Islamist, does it mean that a person is hostile towards Islam. According to the definition of the words a person would have to be so terrified of Islam and homosexuality to the point of being basically unable to function in the presence of these things. If this was the case then the person who have nothing to do with either and would see them as something to be avoided at all cost, not confronted or attacked.

Liberals love to use words they do not understand. As I listen to liberals talk I am beginning to think that many of them are basically ignorant. They just know how to navigate conversations so that they do not have to address any real issues. Listen to them and take note as to how many times they divert the focus off of what they real issue or topic has been and on to what they wish to address. They seem to have a canned response much like the religious cults who have a particular response to questions but if they are forced to stay on topic they fall apart. Knowing the power of some words the liberals avoid ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers like the plague. They love to scream and yell their particular definitions even though it actually just proves their own ignorance regarding the reality of those particular words. Just because someone disagrees with Islam and homosexuality does not mean they are hostile towards it. It simply means they are using their First Amendment right to express their personal opinion on the matter. The liberals use and twist the meanings of words to try to get them to be quite by demonizing those who disagree.

People need to stop calling a hammer a screwdriver. People need to know the difference between these two tools. People need to stop believing the liberals and the government talking heads when they are screaming that a hammer is a screwdriver. The words Islamaphobia and Homophobic are words which really do not exist and cannot exist in their given definition. It is impossible for them to mean that which the liberals and government talking heads are trying to make them out to mean.

People need to look at things for themselves and to stop believing those who are calling a hammer a screwdriver.


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