Liberals need to learn basic math


I was listening to the Mayor of Baltimore talk about how there is a problems when so many young people do not have jobs and how there is a problem when so many black young people have a real problem with the law enforcement. According to her if there has to be a problem with something then it has to be everything other than the black young person. But according to basic math in any equation there are at least two factors. In order to compare anything there must be at least two elements. It is beyond time that the liberal who wants to find excuses for the actions of the young blacks of places like Ferguson and Baltimore need to start facing reality.

If there are ‘poor black youths’ who get out of the cities with dignity and family without having conflict with the law enforcement then maybe it is not the fault of law enforcement. If there are poor black youths who are able to find work then maybe it is not just the job market that needs work. If there are poor black youths who graduate from school then maybe it is not the school system that has a problem. The liberal must begin to acknowledge that maybe the problem rests with some of the ‘poor black youths’ who are the trouble makers and have created their own problems.

So many of the liberals are acting like an enabling parent. It cannot be the poor black child who is the problem or who is the reason for the arrest. It has to be the establishment. Just like an enabling parent, there can never be any good resulting from their blind actions. It does not take a rocket scientist to watch the videos of some of these black young people throwing rocks at passing police cars to understand there the problem rests. Liberals must somewhere sometime simply admit that there are some black youths who simply want to create trouble. They do not want to work. They do not want a job. They do not want to graduation from school. They do not want to obey the police. They do not want to follow the laws. They do not want to do what they are told. They do not want to be part of a working society. They are the problem!

As long as there are good young black people who graduate, marry, have families, obey the law, work and create jobs; then the argument that it is the system that is the problem falls apart. It is the system, it is the individual. It is never a thing that is a problem. It is the individual who makes the decisions. Things are stagnate. People make choices. People make decisions. People choose their attitudes and actions. People are responsible for who and what they become. The liberals and the government must stop making excuses and start accepting reality that the problem rests with people and that they are accountable for their actions and not just blaming the systems. Yes, systems need help and need change. But as long as there are good people who are able to navigate the system and come out positive and productive then the fault cannot rest upon the system.

Liberals and government officials must eventually accept the reality that there are some black youths who simply choose to be bad and want to create trouble. You can pour all the money you want into communities and racial groups but as long as there are people who want to make trouble there will be trouble. It is a personal problem. It is an individual problem. It is a choice.


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