Being poor does not make you violent

lipstick on a pig

I am fed up with hearing the liberal commentators excuse the black riots in Baltimore as being from poor black neighborhoods. Being poor does not make you violent. Being poor does not make you riot. Being poor does not make you destroy other people’s property. Being poor is not an excuse for bad behavior. I question how many of the protestors and rioters are really that poor considering their means of communication is social media via their cell phones. Being poor is not a condition reserved for black people. Yet you listen to the liberals regarding the Baltimore riots and they blame social condition and the police. The President proceeded to put his political foot in his mouth again as he sites how often the police respond incorrectly with black people. This condemnation comes from a man who probably would not have the backbone nor courage to remotely do what our police is required to do on a daily basis. He does not deserve the sacrifices that the police must do every time he sticks his head out of the White House as taxpayer expense.

The social scientist who say that if you give a black community a good environment then they will produce good people need to do some basic research into the Cabrini Green housing development of Chicago. They pumped multi-millions into fixing that area nice only to tear it down later because all it became was a better looking slum. The Democrats made fun of their opposition during a recent election by talking about putting lipstick on a pig. Yet the Democrats and the liberals constantly keep putting lipstick on pigs trying to make them into beautiful bucks. You cannot change what does not choose to change.

Within the communities that the liberals are saying need the jobs to make the difference it would be wise to look at the schools. The school systems have millions poured into them to make them useful and beneficial for the students. The number of students who drop out of school is demonstrative of the attitude that is persistent in those neighborhoods. If a student will not take advantage of a school system which is free why is there any thought that they would any more desire to take advantage of any employment which might be present? If they drop out of school which hands them an education there is no basis to think that jobs and employment would make any difference. It is an attitude of total indifference and a complete apathy to desire for self-improvement. There is so much which is available to people within the ‘poor’ communities which the liberals are blaming for the riots. People riot and destroy because they choose to riot and destroy. It is not because they are poor. That is an insult to people who are poor. They riot and destroy because they have no respect for others or other people’s property. They have no respect for the work that other people have poured into their businesses. They have no respect for the blood, sweat and tears shed to build that company. People do not riot for any a cause. They riot because they choose to do so. It is not because these people do not have a voice. It is not because the police are too rough with them. Has anyone bothered to look at the rap sheets of these so called martyrs at are being lifted up as having died unjustly at the hands of the police. Stop blaming the police for people who break the law and do so consistently and repeatedly.

You listen to the liberals and you are left with the idea that the only people who can be poor are black. The foolishness of the liberal argument that the riots, these are not protest because a protest has a reason, are due to social condition are making excuses for people who are too irresponsible to take charge of their own lives. If these people would put the same level of energy into a job or creating their own employment there would not be an unemployment condition in their communities. Stop with the mentality that says anyone deserves a handout. Welfare systems were meant to be a hand-up and not a career choice. If people are too lazy to even go to a free school system why would anyone begin to think that offering jobs would make any more of a difference or create any more of a personal desire to improve. It is not a social problem. It is a choice problem and these people have chosen to riot and destroy. It is not the police fault; it is not society’s fault; it is not a family fault because there was only one parent; it was a choice of the individual. There are plenty of people who have had conflict with the police who have changed their lives.

There are plenty of poor people who have gone on to start major businesses. There are plenty of people from single parent families who have not gone off to riot and burn down cities. It is nothing more than a personal choice to not care about anything and to choose to destroy what belongs to someone else because they are too lazy to make it themselves. Do not blame the police or society when people choose to willfully make bad choices. Put blame where it belongs and that is squarely upon the shoulders of the young people throwing the bricks, looting, setting fires, assaulting the police and destroying property.


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