Think twice America

hilllary what difference

America has had six years of a President who has been caught in what is politically correctly said to be ‘having misspoke’.  Growing up that was simply stated as having lied.  We have had a President who has repeatedly stated that he learned about various scandals and events at the same time that the rest of America learned about them and through the same media which informed the average American.   Either this was another lie or an example of the worse group of presidential adviser in the history of the office.  He has stood in front of the American people showing outrage at the various scandals and promising that he would get to the bottom of the investigation while berating those doing the investigation and using his executive powers to hide evidence and documents.  He has been more sympathetic towards radical Islam than he has to the Republican Party.   He has publically refused to even acknowledge the existence of radical Islam.  He has had his use of executive power reviewed repeatedly by the Supreme Court.  It really does not matter what the outcome of the court’s decision regarding these matters.  The facts remain that his use of executive powers has been able to generate even question and concern to reach to the Supreme Court.  His spending has been beyond any previous President in history if not all previous Presidents combined.  His apathy towards the common American has been evident as he takes less than five minutes to discuss how he felt about American’s being beheaded and then rushing back to the golf course.  And now we have a potential of another Obama via Hillary Clinton.

Hillary says how we must understand our enemy and be able to empathize with them.  Hillary has had her own scandals from when she was a lawyer being dismissed for being unethical and lying.  She has had her scandals which surrounded both Clintons while First Lady such as the questionable death of Vince Foster.  There is the present scandal of her deleting and wiping her server clean of all emails after they had been seen as federal evidence.  The scandal and remaining questions of Benghazi continue to surround Hillary.  Her self-righteous ‘what difference does it make’ statement was a diversion away from the simple question of ‘why did you deliberately continue what was a known lie regarding the attack on the Embassy’ and what was later revealed as CIA involvement in the Embassy and the storage of heavy weapons.  Hillary claims it was easier to use one electronic devise instead of multiple ones yet she still used multiple devises.  She has lied regarding her times as Secretary of State calling it ‘misspoke’ regarding running under heavy sniper fire.  Her foundation has had to redo multiple years of back taxes calling it minor errors.  If she cannot effectively run a foundation worth millions there are significant questions regarding how she can run a nation worth trillions.

There is a remaining question as to how much of America is going to remain and in what shape it will be remaining after the time of Barack Obama is finished.  America has fallen from its stature in the world under his quasi leadership.  The Democrat Party has shown itself to not be a party of the people but a party more interested in votes and power than the Constitution.  The Democrat Party has given us such things as the Affordable Health Care Act.  While many see this as a monument of success the overall cost, remaining questions pertaining to the details of this bill, the manner in which the bill was passed by a signal party, and the general effectiveness of the bill verses the accumulated damages from the bill seem to significantly outweigh any potential successes.  This bill has all the appearances of instead of being a beacon of hope to America is more of a millstone around the neck of America.  Hillary has all the appearances of simply being another Barack Obama and the question must be asked if America can survive another Barack Obama.  Race relations has reverted backwards decades under Obama.  The office of the President has become so common place as to have stripped away much of the dignity and glamor.  The voice of the President has gone from being a supporting and encouraging clarion to being a tone that is more times than not muted and ignored.  America does not need anyone of any party holding the office of President who is coming in with unanswered scandals.  Hillary, in my opinion, will be nothing more than just another Barack Obama which America does not need and cannot afford.


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