The Gimme society strikes again


I am beyond enraged as I see the ‘gimme’ society at it again in Baltimore. These people appear to never have had to work for anything in their lives the way the love to destroy what others have built. They love to demonize the police when the police risk their very necks for these ingrates. Personally I think the police should all back out and allow the protesters to kill each other. Allow the business owners to bring in their own security and shoot to kill anyone trying to destroy their businesses. I wonder how many of these little idiots are receiving government aid. They seem to have plenty of time on their hands like they don’t have a job to have to attend. So many of these morons would not last ONE DAY in the shoes of a police officer. Yet the same police officers put on their uniform day in and day out to protect everyone, including these mindless pieces of dog poo.

We had this in Ferguson. Now we have it in Baltimore. I wonder where the race baiters are going to plant another violent protest. So many of these types of people do not have any idea what they are protesting about, they just want an excuse to destroy. Mr. Obama where are you now or are you also telling these people to ‘stay the course’? I admit that I am a true and total rebel. I normally do not say it but during the Kent State shooting I was rooting for the State Troopers. Anytime anyone starts throwing bricks, bottles, firebombs or anything dangerous at a police officer I believe he has a right to shoot to kill. Maybe this would get the idea across to start behaving.

I wonder how many of these animals were ever taught respect as a child. Now you have the social scientist say how we are supposed to allow the child to express his creativity by destroying things. I am glad that I grew up during the time when my parents were not afraid to use applied psychology to the seat of learning. I knew that if I crossed a certain line that I would get my butt warmed. It taught me a little thing called respect. I feel bad for the good respectable black people of this country. They must be so embarrassed as to the representation given by these creeps. No concept of right or wrong. But that is what our society is teaching. I do not blame society for these people’s actions. I believe society opens the door for this type of action but it is the individual who decides how they will act. These people do not riot because anything a police officer has done. These people do not riot to make a statement. These people do not riot to help racial equality. These people do not riot to support anything. These people riot because they want to riot. They destroy because they choose to destroy rather than build up. They set things on fire because they do not care enough to help things grow or prosper. These animals seem to want to live in a slum. Maybe that is what they need to have if they keep destroying what others build. I do not think that one dime should go to rebuild Ferguson. If they want it rebuilt then let them pay for it themselves. If Baltimore wants to rebuild then let them do it themselves. There is a budget and live in that budget. All the overtime for the police officers must come out of somewhere. Let it come out of the city budget. If there is no money for social programs then they made their choice and maybe the people who are robbed of the benefit of the social programs should be angry at the idiots who chose to destroy rather than to build up.

The black people who take part in these actions desensitize the world to anything they may have to say that could possibly have merit. I do not care how they are treated if this is how they act. Again, the good people should not have to be punished for these idiots. Help the good people leave the area and use city and state funds for that but not for the morons who are destroying everything in sight. People are getting more angry than caring. If it is a radical anything, they destroy any thought of compassion for those who actually want good change. It does not matter if it is a black person, Muslim, or anyone who might simply want to be left in peace and not painted with the same brush as everyone else. If you want to be considered different, stand out from the rest and be heard. Otherwise, do not complain when no one seems to care about that which you may legitimately see as unjust.


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