Tribal recognition

Indian boy

According to a recent news release the federal government has made movement to try and lessen the requirements for an American Indian tribe to receive federal recognition.   Some of the members of Congress are opposing this action.  One of the concerns they have raised is cost to the federal government.  This concern is more of a total joke than a concern.  Recently Obama through the action of a stroke of a pen offered total amnesty to over 5 million illegal Mexicans here in the US.  The cost of this executive action has never been truly calculated since it cannot be truly calculated.  It is impossible to even fathom the strain this will mean upon all forms of city, county, state, and federal resources.  One estimate places the overall cost at over $40 billion per year.  But reason places that estimate as low and the overall strain upon resources such as law enforcement, emergency services, medical services, social services and other such agencies as beyond the breaking point.  Yet some of our Congress people have the gall to oppose those people who have been on this soil and with ancestors who have been on this soil for centuries the right to be recognized.  This is beyond an insult!

The American Indian has survived about every attack to destroy them that the federal government was able to throw their direction.  The survived chemical and biological warfare through the ‘gift’ of small pox infected blankets.  They survived the death march known as the Trail of Tears.  They survived being frozen out.  They survived have troops stamped through their settlements shooting everything that moved and setting fire to all that did not.  They survived having a bounty placed on their heads and their scalps.  They survived being shipped from place to place until they finally were resting on land that otherwise was totally inhabitable.  They survived!  Now it is time for the federal government to PAY UP!  They have the nerve to talk about compensation for slavery.  How about compensation for what the federal government did to the American Indian?  How about remember the crimes the federal government did against a race of people that was marked for genocide.

For those unaware of the process it normally is an exhausting paper process riddled with details and red tape.  In many ways the process itself is laced with the extermination of the Indian heritage.  In many cases the ancestor has to prove through birth or death records and those records simply do not exist.  Many states did not start with those records until the 1900’s.  This way unless you are no more than a third generation tribal member it is impossible for you to get your paperwork for approval.  Yet, we are not going away.  I would advise all in Congress to get with the program and ease up on the paperwork snafu for federal recognition.  I would encourage any and all readers to make their lives miserable until they actual do something right.  Stop with the games and playing to certain groups for votes.  If you want to do something then recognize those who were here LONG before anyone else arrived.  Lessen the paperwork required for federal recognition. 


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