Please think again

isis in america

We have Muslims in a Brooklyn college thanking allah for ISIS.  We have iman in Tennessee saying how Christians and Jews are filthy and their property belongs to the believers of Islam.  We have terrorists coming across the southern border that the Democrats in Congress say has never been more secure.  We see on an increasing level homegrown idiots wanting to go and join ISIS.  Our Democrats in Congress have refused to revoke the passports of those who leave the States to fight for ISIS permitting them to return with no problem.  We have known training camps for Islamic terrorists within the States.  Educated idiots in the university systems continue to make a warm place for ISIS and other radical Islamic groups to feel welcome.  Bosses in the FBI cower to our liberal government as radical Islam hides behind freedom of religion preventing them from being fully investigated even though they are harboring and encouraging in many places attacks upon America and Americans.  While the media does not want to deal with the threat and the President does not want to acknowledge the threat, there is a distinct threat to America.  The bottom line is that it is coming.

Liberals want to disarm Americans which, given the threat level which exist today, should be seen as an act of treason against the nation and aiding and abetting the enemy.  Japan never attacked American soil because they knew that behind every blade of grass was going to be an American with a rifle.  If America wants to discourage a major attack by radical Islam against Americans the answer is to ‘arm up’.  America has become weak.  Our government basically appears to be led by a bunch of morons whose main accomplishments is that they are able to arise daily and dress themselves.  With all the aids and ‘servants’ that this administration has I even question their ability to do even the simplest of tasks by themselves.  In reality we cannot depend upon the government to really do anything in the realm of reality let alone protecting us.  The police cannot be everywhere all the time.  They are being pushed to the limits by the insane racial provocateurs who love nothing more than to see a racial war on our homeland.  The government by their relentless attacks on various personal liberties through constant spying upon common Americans, usurping various civil liberties through illegal confiscations, and generally creating an air of distrust has made idea of the use of the National Guard in the States more a point of concern than an idea of comfort.  The ramblings of various conspiracy theorists have become more believable than the mainstream media who tries to tell everyone that ‘everything is fine’ and not to ever worry.  As the saying goes ‘if it is to be it is up to me’.

The reality is that the time is coming.  It really takes a person with their head in the sand or a political agenda to grind to try and say that there is no threat for Americans on American soil by radical Islam.  We have seen what radical Islam is capable of in other countries.  Radical Islam has learned how to use the Constitution against us and for their own advantage against our laws.  They hide behind the idea of religion while planning political attack.  They cowl behind freedom of worship while they discuss cowardly attacks.  They spew hatred for Christians, Jews and anyone not willing to convert to their brand of Islam.  America is a powder keg ready to blow.  This is NOT by any means saying that all Muslims are evil.  Neither is this saying that Americans should attack anyone.  What this is saying is that IF radical Islam wants to attack Americans on American soil the best answer to an armed terrorist is an armed citizen.

It is time that all Americans prepared to protect themselves and their families.  It is time that all Americans prepared to take care of themselves and their families rather than to depend upon the government to always be there to provide protection, food and assistance.  As long as there are Americans free to do what Americans seem to do best there will always be groups determined to help others in their time of need.  But Americans must plan for unexpected interruptions in their abilities to provide that aid and assistance.  Americans have become soft in many ways.  We must again learn how to be self-sufficient.  We must again learn how to provide for our families in ways other than running to the local market.  It is also time for all Americans to learn again how to defend themselves and their families.

Liberals and left wingers have worked hard and long to depict people who think in these terms as nut-jobs and ‘crazy rednecks’.  But who really is the disturbed one:  the ones who see trouble and want to protect themselves and their loved ones or the ones who refuse to see that of which they do not approve?  I would rather prepare to be able to take care of my loved ones and be wrong than to not prepare and to have been wrong in my interpretation of events.  It takes a fool to truly believe that we are going to be able to continue the present course of events without a major event happening on our soil.  We have been warned even by the terrorists themselves that there will be ever effort to attack American homeland.  The only reason there has not been attacks thus far is because our law enforcement has been both extremely lucky and extremely good at their jobs.  Radical Islam has been stopped from planting bombs at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland just a few years ago.  Numerous planned attacks have been intercepted which would have left untold dead and wounded.  Radical Islam has every intention to attack American homeland.  It takes a fool or someone living in a realm not of reality to not see their intentions.

Americans must change the way they think.  Americans MUST reach back into the DNA of our ancestors and the early Americans and again learn how to be self-sufficient.  Americans must throw off the yoke of stupidity placed upon us by liberal thought that says everything is alright and can be settled by talking.  Radical Islam does not want to talk.  Look at the piles of severed heads left by ISIS and radical Islam and then tell me how much talking can do to stop them.  The best and only answer to ISIS and radical Islam in this country is for good people to be armed and ready to defend land and liberty.  It is coming.  It is up to us to determined just how far it will go.


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