Deja vu politics

hillary clinton

We are seeing the beginning of political Déjà vu. The press is again not asking any real questions neither are they challenging Hillary Clinton.  We have political mental Wonderbread such Pelosi saying how we should vote for Hillary because she is a woman.  America voted for Obama mainly because he was black and now America is in a worse position in race relations than they have been in decades.  The press failed America by not asking real questions to Obama.  Now even a one in three Democrats believe Obama was born in Kenya which would have made him ineligible for the office of President.  Obama’s radical, socialist and communist agenda was in his books and the media failed America by refusing to ask questions regarding his beliefs and policies.  Now America is seen on the world stage as a confused without direction and our enemies see us a weak.

The people should be insulted as Hillary suddenly clamors to have photo shoots in a large church to proclaim how the Bible has always been her motivating factor.  I am sure that if the other candidates were promoting the religion of pickle worship and that the majority of voters were pickle worshippers that she would suddenly be wearing a large pickle hat in honor of her new found deity.   The media has not been asking if Hillary is so much for the common person why does she hand pick who is going to be in her ‘common people’ photo shoots.  The media has not been asking recently about Benghazi and why she perpetrated the political lie of it not being terrorism.  The media has not been asking about why she removed federal evidence when she wiped her server clean.  The media has not been asking about why she accepts money from countries with abuse against women as commonplace yet she places herself as a champion for woman causes.  The media has not been asking about her stance on socialism and communism as she has been an outspoken proponent of these in the past.  The media has not been asking about why she wants to continue Obama’s war on gun ownership.  The media has again been failing the American people.  Hillary has already been caught in so many lies which she refers to as having ‘misspoken’ such as her running while under heavy fire.  I do believe that most people would recognize being under heavy fire if that was happening so why could she possible have just ‘misspoke’ if it was not an outright lie.  With her record somehow the media is blind and silent to questioning the great Hillary Clinton.

America deserves better.  I truly wonder who should be more on trial.  Hillary Clinton needs to be grilled for REAL answers and not political horse kaka.  Yet the media seems made up of cowards who are bought and paid for by the Democrats so that they are nothing more than their propaganda arm.  America has been through too much to have to deal with another President who has been placed in through deceit.  The media is all over every time a conservative Republican candidates sneezes while ignoring real areas which should be demanding answers where Democrats are concerned.  It is time that things changed.  America does not need a media that is a propaganda machine.  America does not need big unions who take money out of the worker’s checks while screaming how they are there to protect the worker and then funnel that money into the hands of the Democrat party who seems to be doing everything in their power to eliminate the Constitution and personal rights.  AMERICA DESERVES BETTER.

Americans have been targeted by the IRS for political beliefs.   Americans have faced the IRS which is probably one of the most powerful arms of the government without the ability to defend themselves.  If the IRS wants something, they take it.  Americans are still struggling to make enough money to get by while our President is opening the flood gates to millions of illegals.  Either they will be taking jobs that are far and few between making it harder for Americans to work or they will be on welfare which is only going to increase the already bloated national debt.  The issue of the effect of Obama’s amnesty on the national debt does not even begin to get into other areas such as its effects upon law enforcement, medical services, social services, emergency services and the educational services;  all which are already strained.  Americans have had their personal rights attacked more in the past few years than in many lifetimes.  If this is doubted just ask those legal gun owners who have had their property taken simply because someone complained about them regardless whether it was justified.  If Americans are not under attack then why are so many sheriffs rallying making it clear that they will refuse to enforce unconstitutional laws.  If there were no unconstitutional laws being pushed I doubt most highly that the sheriffs would be speaking in this manner.  America has had so many scandals recently that it makes the years under Nixon coveted.  America has a medical program forced down its throat which was passed through by one party without any real knowledge as to what it contained.  It was the wonderful wisdom of the Democrat party which brought us:  We must pass the law to know what is in the law.  DO YOUR DANG JOB AND READ THE BILLS BEFORE PASSING THEM!

America deserves better.  It is time the media was brought into question.  It is time that the media was placed in the hot seat and required to give answers.  If America has a propaganda arm of the government, more specifically of the Democrat party, then there is a major problem.  My father fought in World War II.  Any times I begin to see what is nothing more than a propaganda machine feeding approved information to the American people I get concerned.  America is in danger more today than ever before.  There are huge problems and the media is being silent.  Politicians are getting away with murder, personally I believe literally, and the media is blind.  Politicians are making statements that show the individuals making them to be totally and completely ignorant yet the media is mute.  My ancestors fought to create this new nation.  People like Benjamin Franklin knew the power of the press.  I am afraid that the media today actually knows of the power of the press and is purposely using it in a manner contrary to our Forefathers.  I believe the silence of the media is deliberate.  I believe the media is purposeful in its use as a propaganda machine.  Stalin made the statement that America would fall without a shot being fired and it would be through the use of 26 tin soldiers referring to the alphabet.


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