The Iranian plan


I do not begin to present myself as a foreign policy master.  I do like to think that I have at least a couple cells of brain matter that roams around periodically.  I listen to the news regarding the Iranian deal.  But more importantly I look at the events around the world and the things that are not coming out of our government.  I hear from Kerry and Obama how the world must have this nuclear deal with Iran in order to maintain world peace.  It does not depend upon trust but upon inspection.  I hear how a main requirement of the deal is that Iran no longer be involved in terrorism around the world.  But I also hear and read where the military leader of Iran adamantly states that there will be NO inspections especially of any military sites.  Any attempts on inspections will be met with violent response.  I also see where the US has a warship to intercept arms being shipped from Iran.   I know that a number of people have trouble understanding the issue of the Houthis in Syria but apart from the details of the rebel group is the simple fact that these arms are seen as deadly enough to create an embargo to stop them.  Iran has a number of Americans imprisoned from journalists to a pastor simply imprisoned for being a Christian pastor.  Mr. President, could you please explain again to the American people why you are pushing for a nuclear deal with Iran?

Obama keeps saying how there will be total inspection as a key point yet Iran’s military has made it clear there will be no inspections.  Iran has been shipping arms to such a level that it poses a major threat to world stability.  Americans are held against their will in prison.  Yet Obama and Kerry see Iran as a workable nation who will receive over $50 billion after an agreement is signed plus all sanctions removed.  Please tell the American people how this is going to benefit America?

It gets to where there is no longer a hidden agenda.  Now the blatant deception of the Iranian nuclear deal is increasingly clear.  There are too many questions and contradictions which surround this nuclear deal with Iran.  Kerry and Obama are determined against all rational and all open contradictions to force a nuclear deal.  I am at least glad that our Congress is supposed to approve any deal.  There is a major problem that these two leaders of this nation are trying to force an agreement with a nation that is at odds with America and, apparently, world stability.  They both say one thing and do another.  I think it would be fitting for America to demand that these two come clean but their history is so filled with deceit that I do not personally believe that either of them is capable of doing that simple request.

Kerry needs to be brought into question from the beginning where he threw another person’s medals into the Reflection Pool in DC as if claiming them to be his own.  His comments to Congress against soldiers in Vietnam should have been seen as treason.  His actions should be on the same plan as those of Hanoi Jane and her infamous picture of her sitting on top of a North Vietnamese howitzer.  Yet Obama has elevated this man to being Secretary of State.

Obama has also proven himself to not be trustworthy through the numerous times he has been caught in a lie.  He seems to repeatedly state anything that is needed at that time to make his plan go forward whether true or not.  Then if he is caught in giving false information it is the blame of an aid or someone else that has cause it.  I have not seen so much denial of actions since I worked in a day care facility in college.  I expect this action from preschool children to blame the person next to them for all their ills but not from the most powerful man in the country.  I always thought that a backbone was a requirement for being President.

I believe the American people are tired of being lied to and treated like they have the IQ of oatmeal.  I believe the American people know that there are shady dealings going on between the US and Iran.  I believe the American people know that this nuclear deal with Iran is not going to be good for anyone.  I believe the American people agree more with Netanyahu than Obama regarding Iran getting a nuclear bomb.  I also believe that the American people know just want will happen once Iran gets that nuclear bomb.  We could all bid our world GOOD BYE.  Mr. President, why do you REALLY want an Iranian nuclear deal?


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