The line is being drawn

line in the sand

There is a line being drawn in the sand and this time it is not an Obama line.  This line will mean something.  I believe the majority of politicians really think that the average American must have the IQ of a dishrag.  There are so many contradictory issues happening and our political leaders seem to just be keeping the typical pace as usual.  We have Obama and Kerry bound and determined to get an agreement with Iran which would allow them to openly have a nuclear program.  Obama keeps saying that it has nothing to do with trusting Iran because we are going to be able to investigate and inspect.  I thought we were supposed to have been able to inspect all along but them keep hiding their facilities.  Yet somehow Iran is going to be open and above board on all their dealings once this agreement is signed.  Yes, and pigs fly!  Now the Navy is getting involved with an embargo to intercept arms coming from Iran to the Houthi rebels in Syria.  I can hear the liberal defense machine already scream how Iran is not arming the terrorists.  It does not take a rocket scientist to understand how by keeping that area in total chaos that the ultimately aid the terrorist in other places.  Plus it keeps a flow of arms and ability to traffic personnel through that area undetected.  If anyone does not believe that any of those arms do not end up in the hands of ISIS and other radical Islamic groups, of which Houthi rebels are a part thereof, needs to seek out a good price on ocean front property in Iowa.

This approach of Iran is no different than the way Obama works.  It gives them just enough insulation to be able to say that they have never armed ISIS.  But they know that things are aiding radical Islam.  Obama has done this same thing.  How many times have we seen him flip from being adamant on one position until he gets caught in a lie and then he throws someone under the bus for ‘giving him wrong information’ or for ‘not fully and correctly informing him’ of things.  Kerry is a fool is he believes that once the Iran deal is done and signed, and then things go sour which they will, that Obama is going to stand by and support him.  One line that is drawn in the sand is to Mr. President.  What is your real reason for wanting this nuclear deal with Iran?  The deal is not even signed yet and they are violating one aspect of it which was that they were not supposed to support or be involved in terrorism around the world.  Plus Mr. President please give the people your rational for wanting a nuclear deal with a nation that has our warships now involved in an embargo because they are sending arms to other countries keeping them in civil war and unstable.  Mr. President what is your REAL reason for wanting Iran to have an open nuclear program?

Another line that is drawn in the sand is ISIS in our homeland.  People have been screaming for years to FIX THE DAG BURN SOUTHERN BOARDER!  The Democrats are afraid they are going to offend the Hispanics and lose their votes.  So the Democrat would rather allow terrorists to infiltrate America to attack us in our sleep rather than possibly lose a vote or two.  And the Republicans are not off the hook.  They have had long enough to do something if they really wanted to fix that border.  Personally I think the Democrats and Republicans have been in bed with each other for so long that they have now just turned Congress over to their inbred children.  I also honestly believe that the majority of Congress has forgotten how America was formed in the beginning.  The people simply got tired of being led by egomaniacs and did something about it by removing them.  Now I do not believe anything like that is going to happen now since we have the Constitution which helps with some problems.  But I would highly encourage them to be careful should ISIS start something in the nation that the people have to finish.  If that ever happens I do believe that there will be a total rearrangement of priorities and things will be going back to the original intent of the US Constitution.  In other words our Congress had better get their heads out of their butts and start actually doing something other than collecting a paycheck.  Fix the border or allow the people to fix it for you.  Stop denying that ISIS and radical Islam exist.  They exist and they are here.  Stop pussyfooting around because you are so afraid to lose votes that your fail in your oath.  Most of you are a total embarrassment to the oath you took when you were first elected.  You are now a total embarrassment to us and our nation.  I could name names but that would take far too long with too much of a risk of missing some.  This line is drawn and has been drawn by many who have entered our nation illegally with the full knowledge and possibly the blessing of many of our elected officials.  This would be treason.  There are also those who have been here in our country who are traitors seeking to help and aid ISIS.  The government knows of areas which are strong pockets of ISIS and other radical Islam groups and appear to be doing nothing about them for fear of losing votes.  Stop being more concerned about protecting Islam and be a little bit more concerned about protecting America!

We the people are sick and tired of spineless politicians who are more concerned about votes and power than they are doing their jobs.  I listen so some of the statements which come out to the mouths of our dear elected ones and truly wonder how they even get dressed in the morning.  The people have been more than patient.  Now we are in the middle of a crossroads.  There are people in our country planning our destruction.  There are those in our nation who seek to totally destroy our way of life and establish a wacko set of Islam rules.  The people are fed up with people threatening to kill us.  The line is drawn by these nut jobs.  I would highly encourage the elected leaders to start doing their jobs and start protecting America by removing these threats.  It is not the common American who is any threat.  We just want to live peacefully and be left alone.  So do not think that you are going to come to the average American and take away our rights to defend ourselves or impose more laws on those who are already obeying the law.  Deal with those who have been saying how they want to join ISIS and kill Americans.  Deal with the radicals of Islam.  But before you can deal with the radicals of Islam you have to get your heads out of the sand and acknowledge the presence of radical Islam.  Stop being stupid!  If radical Islam ever lights the fuse of the powder keg that you our elected officials have permitted them to place in our homeland, I can guarantee that after everything settles down that you will be fired and out of a job.  Then you can see just how much worrying about not offending special groups for votes versus doing your elected duties have really gotten you.


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