Slavery compensation

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There is continued talk that Obama is going to by ‘hook or crook’ force taxpayers to compensate the blacks for slavery.  This has got to be one of his more stupid ideas but as he ends his term in office I believe we are going to be seeing an increasingly disturbing side of Barack Obama.  The idea of compensating the blacks for slavery is another example of Obama not having a real grasp on history.  Obama wants to portray the white race and the worst people of history beating and subjugating the blacks into total submission throughout time.  This is not and never has been true.  Why is it when people talk about a person being the aid to a great general the aid is seen in high honor and respect but if you talk about a black man as an aid to George Washington suddenly he is a submissive slave bent simply to do his master’s will?   Obama forgets about the wealthy black business men, even in the south.  He forgets about the slave owners who treated the slaves as family and not property.  He forgets about the slaves who willingly intermarried with their slave owners because of love and not rape.  In my opinion, we have the most ‘white hating’ racist living in the White House to ever cross its threshold.

How is Obama planning to prove that those who receive compensation are actually the descendants of abused black slaves?  How is he planning on regulating who gets payments?  If he basis his decision upon color then his actions are unconstitutional and illegal.  Many white people have ‘slave’ ancestors.  If you are part Native American then there is a high probability that your ancestors somewhere along the line were intermarried with black people.  Is Obama considering this action because people are black or because of actions the federal government took against them?  Again, Obama’s ignorance is showing.

In response to what some people saw as inhuman treatment of blacks in the south the Civil War was fought.  Taxation began as a means of paying for the war.  The US citizen has been taxed ever since.  Many lives were lost in the Civil War.  If Obama is interested if righting a federal government wrong then he needs to look to the American Indian.  I do not ever remember the black people being given small pox infested blankets by the government.  I do not ever remember the black people forced to march from one end of the country to over half its length.  I do not ever remember the black people forced to board ferries to be shipped to different locations and if they refused to board that they were shot.  The blacks were given citizenship in 1857 under the 14th amendment while the American Indian was not recognized as citizens until 1924.  Blacks were citizens for 68 years prior to the American Indian who had been on this land for centuries before the first black person was ever seen here.  Yet Obama wants to compensate the black for slavery while many American Indians still struggle for simple recognition from the federal government that they exist as a tribe.  American Indians who are able to PROVE their lineage and want to be recognized as the tribe they represent must go through and exhausting and extensive deluge of paperwork before they are ever able to be recognized.  I do not ever recall a black individual ever being forced to so such ridiculous paperwork to be recognized as an actual descendant of a slave.

The American Indian fought alongside the colonies during the American Revolution just like the black man.  The American Indian has been an ally to the United States during the many wars even though the United States was actively seeking the total destruction of the American Indian.  Is there is anyone who is eligible for compensation it is the American Indian.

I am so sick and tired of this seemingly racist President hoisting the flag of the black in opposition to everyone else in America.  I am so sick and tired of what appears to be a berating of everyone else in America for a group of blacks who are an actual insult to the majority of hard working contributing citizens of America who just happen to be black.  There are many black people in America who want no part of being compared to the Ferguson type of black person who wants to riot and destroy as opposed to unit and build.  Obama seems bound and determined to promote the lazy stereo typical type of black person by continuing to be on a soap box against the woes of the black man at the hands of ‘whitie’.   If Obama truly wants to reduce racism in America what is recommended is that he leaves office.


One thought on “Slavery compensation

  1. Cosmos

    The Descendants of the Actual Slaves who toiled to pave the way for the Free Black people who live in the greatest nation on Earth should in Fact Pay the actual Slaves who may still be alive… No one else has earned a damn dime. Modern Day Blacks should also have a real appreciation for the Dutch Slave Traders that provided free transportation to America.. Otherwise your ancestors would possibly have died in the Bush wars in the sub Saharan Deserts and Jungles in Dark Africa. Look at you now in America all wealthy and proud.. If not for the Slaves coming here you could be one of those Nigerian Terrorist stealing and raping young school girls… So What is the worth of this freedom to you now that Obama expects you to pay for being here?.


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