Poor Michelle

Michelle Obama

Obama is complaining that Michelle does not get paid.  He is following his normal suit of blaming things for his problems.  Obama is now blaming Michelle not getting paid for the pay salary differences in the White House.  Last I knew Michelle was not hired by the American people.  I remember Barack Obama getting hired by the American people but I do not remember ever Michelle being elected or hired for anything by the American people.  I know she has been doing a lot of things that she has not been asked to do.  I know she has made a mess of children lunches.  I know she has had children at the White House to plant gardens.  I know she has spoken a number of places.  I know she has taken trips around the world at taxpayer expenses.  I know she has interfered with private businesses such as ‘chick-fil-a’ and has butted into other businesses with her ‘nutrition’ garbage.  I know she and her daughters travel anywhere she wants with full security details at tax payer expenses.  I know she has her meals prepared by world class chiefs.  I know she has maids and aids waiting on her hand and foot.  I know she has complained about living in the White House as being compared to prison.  I know she has had countless parties in the White House at taxpayer expense with food and alcohol paid for by taxpayers.  I know all these things but I have yet to figure out why she complains about not getting a paycheck.

I have watched this ‘first family’ over the past six years.  I have come to the conclusion that America does not have a ‘first family’ so much as a king and queen.  I have studied history and see the Obamas more like a king and queen who see the people as ‘servants’ who represent a huge piggybank to be used at their disposal.  America closed the veteran’s outdoor monuments because we ‘had no money’ yet the Obamas were able to travel at will.  There never seems to be the money for things that would benefit veterans or that would actually find the truth regarding the melee of scandals which surround this administration, yet there is plenty of money for the Obamas to travel anywhere and everywhere at their whims.

With this President everything seems to be about money.  To say that he spends money like a drunken sailor would be to insult sailors.  This man has spent more money than any other President.  What is amazing is that he wants more.  Any tax cuts are condemned as being ‘for the rich’.  How many poor people employ anyone?  What is the government calling rich anymore?  There is the death tax that will tax inheritances.  If a rancher passes his property on to his children it will be taxed as an inheritance.  This administration wants money from both the living and the dead.  When will it stop?

Personally I am tired of having a complainer and chief.  I am so tired of hearing Obama complain about America as he travels.  I am so tired of hearing Michelle complain about America and how it was not until Barack got elected that she was proud of this country.  I am so tired of hear them yack against the flag.  I am tired of hearing them talk about how people against total amnesty and the rest of Obama’s plans are racist.  Personally I believe the biggest racist to be found in America can be found in the White House.

Maybe what America needs to do is to change their approach to the ‘first lady’.  We will give her a paycheck.  But all the aids and servants will be dismissed and she can hire whomever she wants.  There will no longer be taxpayer paid travel.  She will be getting a paycheck so she can hire her own security and pay for her own travel.  After all she is not the President so the Presidential security teams should be for the President.  If she travels with him she is able to be there free.  If she is having a squabble with him and does not want to travel with him she can pay for her own tickets where she wants to go.  Oh, and by the way, she buys her ticket from a commercial airline.  She can buy her own jet once she has enough money but otherwise, she flies commercial.  It is long past time that the American piggybank and the Bank of the People dry up.


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