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Christians attacked

So many people want to quote all the wonderful Biblical passages dealing with peace and tranquility. But Christ spoke about war and defending oneself.  In the book of Luke there is a passage where Christ says that the day will come when if a person has two cloaks let him sell one and buy a sword.  That sword was not meant to roast marshmallows on or to be used to cut off steaks for the Bar-B-Q.  That sword was meant as both an offensive as well as defensive weapon.  As a student of theology I heard too many people talk about Christianity and passivity.  They made it sound like the only life of a Christian was the life of passivity.  But this is not scripturally sound.  There really is no basis for passivity in the Bible.

One area that people like to turn to is the Beatitudes and blessed is the peace maker.  People also need to keep in mind that Christ was speaking to a group who were in an occupied land.  The Romans would look for any and every possible reason to beat or kill the Jews.  The only real way to keep from genocide was for the Jews to take a position of pacifying the Romans.  This was given for a particular place and time and not meant as across the board constant.   If there was no place for the militant in the service of God then why does the Scriptures speak of David in the Psalms as having been taught the art of war by God Himself.  What people forget is that it is not a particular way of behaving that makes a person good or bad, Christian or unchristian but if that person is a follower of God and Jesus Christ.  It is not how a person acts so much as how a person lives and their priorities of life.

Just like there were some who took the teachings of Christ and twisted them from the beginning I am sure there were those who took the teaching of Islam and twisted them from the beginning.  If this was not true then somewhere somehow someone would have reminded the followers of Islam that there were the children of Ishmael who was the brother of Israel.  Both were children of Abraham.  But the war between Israel and Islam has gone on for centuries.  I always wondered what Christ meant when He was asked about the anti-Christ and He said that truly the anti-Christ was among them right then.  The anti-Christ could not have been a person since no person alive then could be alive today.  But radical Islam was practiced back then and is practiced today.  Perhaps that was what Christ referred to as the anti-Christ.  We have seen the hatred of ISIS and radical Islam towards the Egyptian Christians as they were beheaded by their cowardly captors.  Now Christians were thrown overboard on a Mediterranean cruise by Muslim groups on board.  We have seen the mass slaughter of Christians in Kenya at the hands of radical Islam.  This is only the beginning.

It is time that Christians around the world started learning that even if not for anything else, they must begin to defend themselves.  When Netanyahu was speaking he referred to the book of Ruth when the Jews were given the right to defend themselves.  Every second grader who was ever bullied on the school playground can tell you that about the best way to get a bully to leave you alone is to flatten his nose.  I know that is not politically correct but political correctness is about the stupidest things that politics has ever created.  Keeping in mind the multitude of stupid things created by politics, it gives a good idea just how dumb political correctness is on the scale.  Any mentality that calls black jellybeans racist is barely able to stand up and feed themselves.

America must also wake up.  America is still predominately a Christian nation regardless how much our President wants to convince the world that it is Muslim.  Americans must also wake up regarding the need to defend themselves.  It is impossible for the police to be everywhere all the time.  The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is there to be two good guys with guns to meet him.  Do not be surprised if the radical followers of Islam do not try shooting up churches in America just like they have been doing in other countries.  Likewise it is imperative that Christians around the world start learning how to defend themselves and their families.  Radical Islam knows only one thing and that is force.  If they are met with superior force they back off.  If they are met with enough force to kill them they will stop attacking.  Christians and the rest of the world must start looking at radical Islam as the rabid vermin which they are and how evil their intent.  Even Islam must fight against radical Islam because those radicals want to destroy them as well as they want to kill all Christians and Jews.  It is time the world united in one purpose and that is the total and complete eradication of ISIS and all forms of radical Islam.  Anyone who believes they are immune to the hatred of radical Islam is in for a rude awakening.  Radical Islam has no friends.  They have no real allies and will turn on anyone and everyone.  Anyone who wants to be an ally with radical Islam will find that it will only be a matter of time until the radicals find that other radicals are different.  There is no honor amongst thieves where radical Islam is concerned.

I remember my dad telling a story of a neighbor he grew up around having a pet raccoon that he found in the wild.  The man carried that raccoon on his shoulder everywhere he went.  One day the people noticed that the side of the guy’s head was all tore up.  They asked him what happened.  The guy told them that the raccoon just suddenly reverted back to being a wild animal and attacked him.  Anyone who thinks that ISIS will be contained is a fool.  Anyone who thinks that ISIS and radical Islam will be controlled is a fool.  They might act quiet but one day they will return to the wild state which they are and will be bloodthirsty towards the very ones who thought they were contained.  ISIS and radical Islam cannot be contained.  They must be removed.  They cannot be controlled.  They must be eliminated.


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