The President of Whine


I have listened to our President continually whine about who people do not want to work with him, the Republicans are so evil, people just want to hinder his ability to lead the country , and how nobody likes him just because he’s black.   I always thought there was an age requirement to be president.  This guy acts like he is three.  I wonder what kind of spoiled brat he have living in the White House.  For supposedly being a great communicator and able to get communities to work together this man is a total failure in his absolute inability to even attempt cooperation between himself and Congress.  It is not just Republicans who oppose the Iran deal.  Perhaps if he would stop trying to force his will and opinions on the rest of the nation and would stop long enough to listen to people other than radicals he might actually accomplish something.  It is no wonder Obama opposes the Constitution or the Bill of Rights since he is the very embodiment of the things that our Forefathers warned us about within those two documents.   Now Obama is placing himself in an authority over the Bible condemning it as being sexist and racist.  Are there any limits to this man’s arrogance?

The office of the President used to be an honorable and professional position.  Now the office of the President is reduced to interviews by internet characters such as the likes who consider taking a bath in milk and cereal as being news worthy.  Six years into his terms of office Obama still is heard blaming Bush.  On one side he blames too much snow when his policy fails while blames global warming for the next time things do not work as planned.   I wonder when Obama is going to grow up and take responsibility for his own actions.

One thing I tried to do with my children was to instill in them the idea that if they did something wrong to admit it.  The problem is not when people do something wrong but when they avoid taking responsibility.  It is even worst when someone puts the blame on others rather than being accountable for their own actions.  Obama has yet to admit when he is wrong.  Even after the last election Obama put the blame on the Democrat losses on the shoulders on those who did not vote.  He never got the message that the American people did not like the direction he and his party was taking the nation.  Obama acts like a spoiled rich kid who was never held accountable for his actions.  It would be one thing if he was just a spoiled rich kid but it is also that this spoiled brat holds the office of the most influential nation in the world.

One big reason why America was stuck with this whiny spoiled brat was because the media failed the American people.  They fail to do their job of investigative journalism and of informing the public.  Questions should have been asked that were not.  They were more enamored with the idea of him being ‘the first black President’ then that he was mentored by a radical who was routinely investigated by the FBI, had a history of overt racism, uses a social security number that belongs to a recently deceased individual and does not have documentation as to if his name is truly Soetoro or Obama.  The media was too caught up in having that ‘tingling going down their leg’ at the thought of a ‘black’ President.  This sound more orgasmic than journalistic.

I can only hope that the media would get their heads out of their backsides long enough to do their jobs right this next election.  Instead of being caught up with the ‘possibility of having the first female President’ it would be nice if the media was actually more concerned about having a President that wanted to put America first and back as a world power.


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