Do not let the idiots win

cop protestors

I am so tired to hearing people whining about the police. First of all is the ridiculous outcry to the police to be regulated by the federal government. Personally I severely doubt just how far most of those people doing the protests have studied history. Anyone thinking that it is alright to promote the murder of police officers cannot be the brightest bulb in the lamp. To look at the realities of a federally governed and controlled police force all a person needs to do is to look at history. Germany under Hitler had a government controlled police force. I can hear people screaming and having blood running out of their ears right now over the comparison of our ‘federal’ police force and Hitler’s. At one time I would have agreed that there could never be a possibility of what happened in Germany during the 20’s happen in America. But I have also seen things happening to our Constitution that I never thought I would see such as the attacks that the government has been doing on personal liberties, gun ownership, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. There have been things done to question the sanctity of the voting booth and the reality of voter fraud. With the reality of voting machines switching votes from one candidate to another after the voter has cast their ballot raises real concerns about voting corruption. With the potential of 5 million illegals flooding America as ‘new citizens’ and the prospect that many of these people are going to be encouraged to vote a particular party in exchange for citizenship, the potential of a signal party rule in America is a very real threat. Our Constitution and liberties are being used against our Constitution and liberties.
Secondly I would like to know who these people are going to call if they get robbed or mugged. In many cases these things are happening in neighborhood where no one really cares about anyone other than themselves. If the police are not there to investigate nothing would ever get done. According to facts, and not these is not racial, you have drug crimes being done dealer against dealer. The police are the only ones willing to stick their necks out to do anything regarding the matter.
These idiots who love to protest are deaf, dumb and blind to anything they do not like to hear. They do not like the idea of how many blacks kill fellow blacks. Yet if there is one white cop who kills a black person then suddenly everything is racist. The reality of blacks killing whites is totally ignored. If you really want peace and what to make a fool of yourself holding your hands up walking down the streets chanting how ‘black lives matter’ then be real at decide that ALL lives matter. If you are not equally upset by blacks killing white cops or blacks killing white people then shut up and move on because you are nothing more than just another piece of the problem.
So many of the police are in a lose-lose situation. They are condemned if they do nothing and they are condemned if they do anything. So many of those screaming about how bad the police are probably make more money on drug deals in a month than the police earn in a year. The police risk their lives on a daily basis for an income that is nothing out of the ordinary and totally absent regarding the level of risk endured and then they get condemned if they even look like they are accepting a free meal from a grateful citizen.
Our government is more concerned over the freedom of speech for those who are calling for the deaths of our police officers than they are the very lives of those sworn to serve and protect. It is time that all good citizens come to the aid of the police. The police have to pussy-foot around and make sure they do not compromise the ‘Maranda’ rights of the criminal. The common person does not have to worry about Maranda rights. This is one reason why I encourage all law abiding citizens to carry a weapon. The police cannot be around everywhere all the time. If a thug wants to mug an armed citizen and he gets ‘removed’ from society then I personally believe that armed citizen who was defending his or her life actually did society a huge favor. If someone wants to break into your home you have no idea if they are armed or not and your life is in danger. I encourage every home to be armed for this very event and to use that protection to remove another thug from society because your life was in danger. If you see an officer being attacked on the street, remember that you do not have to follow Maranda rights. Go to the aid of that officer and beat the crap out of the person attacking the officer. Give aid and support to that police officer. Be willing to go up to an officer and shake their hand telling them how much you appreciate what they do for you on a daily basis.
It is up to the good people to control the bad. It is up to the good people to make sure that the bad and stupid people do not rule the day. It is up to the good people to let the police know that they are appreciated and wanted because I know it is not easy to put that uniform on each day to go out into an environment that you feel hates you. AMERICA NEED THEIR POLICE OFFICERS.


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