America has had enough

hilllary what difference

We have seen the past six years reveal more damage to the US Constitution than at any other time in the history of this nation.  We have seen a President who loves to rule via executive action.  He has made it clear he does not care to go through Congress as required by the Constitution.  He has made it clear he views the other party as evil and the enemy rather than representatives of American people.  He has not kept hidden his disdain for the Second Amendment and public gun ownership.  While he gives lip service to believing people should own guns he has done everything possible to remove ammunition for those guns and to make it as impossible to own a gun as he was able.  His leftist, socialist/Marxist beliefs has opened the door for total financial ruin of America.  He has worked hard to create a one party system in America by trying to flood the polling booths with illegal aliens.  He has made his Islamic beliefs and leaning extremely clear as a primary priority above common concerns for the nation.  His term is almost over.  Now Hillary wants to be President.

America is almost finished with a President who has spent more on vacations than most American families earn in multiple lifetimes.  Obama has so abused power and the people’s checkbook during his time as President.  Now America looks at another person who has demonstrated her love of power.  Corruption has been no secret under Obama.  As we look at Hillary we see Benghazi and all the unanswered questions that she dismisses with her self-righteous shouting of ‘what difference does it make’.  We have her inability to produce her emails as required by federal law and now her wiping clean her internet server.  This action reeks with the smell of cover-up.   Why would America possibly want another President who is just like the one we have had and want to remove?  In 2008 America elected a President largely due to his race.  Why would America want elected a President based largely due to gender?  There are too many questions remaining which haunts the past of Hillary.  If America elects her as the next President then America would have no basis to complain because America would have elected to walk into more of what we have had from the last election.

The present Democrat party is not the Democrat party as seen by the old miners of the Midwest.  I believe that at one time the Democrat party may have had people within it who strove to improve the lives of the coal miners and mill workers.  But recently the power mongers within the leadership of the Democrat party seem to be taking dominance.  Corruption in the voting booth and individuals who vote multiple times at multiple locations for the same election is commonplace.  Voting machines which switch votes from a Republican candidate to the Democrat opponent is old news.  At one time even though a person might disagree with the rational, ideology and priorities of the Democrat party, there remained the assurance that the reason and direction still was to support the American way of life and American principles.  Now it is clear from many within the Democrat party that the old American principles are considered expendable.  The present Democrat party is not the Democrat party of John Kennedy.  Obama was the most liberal Senator from Illinois.  Now Hillary another liberal and socialist represent a continuation of Obama’s Democrat party.

Hillary has made her foreign policy clear.  America, according to her, simply must be able to sympathize and empathize with our enemies so that we can understand them.  Why would America want a President who seeks to sympathize and empathize with people who cut people’s heads off simply because they are Christian?  There comes a point where you do not empathize or sympathize with a rattlesnake, you kill it.

America has suffered enough under weak foreign policy.  America has suffered enough under liberal policy.  America has suffered enough under leaders who are corrupt.  America has suffered enough under leadership that views the Constitution as an ancient and extinct document.  America has suffered enough under power hungry leadership.  America needs a change.


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