Stop playing politics with our veterans

WWI doughboy

The government is more than willing to place our men and women in hazardous situations but if they get harmed fulfilling their duties to their nation the government seems to love to abandon them.  A Purple Heart is awarded for injuries sustained under hostile fire.  A Purple Heart is not easy to get for the average service personnel.  My father carried shrapnel in his forehead from WWII for the remainder of his life and he never was able to get a Purple Heart because he was not able to get it ‘verified’ by a medical provider that he was wounded in action under hostile fire.  Somehow the government believes that my father should have stopped the firefight, keeping in mind he was on Iwo Jima and Guam with the Army Air Corps for counterattack after the Marines had captured the islands, and should have been able to leave the hand to hand combat he was engaged in and of gone to his company medic.  What he did was what so many service men and women do in hostile situations was that he controlled the bleeding the best he could and continued fighting.  At times I really wonder how stupid our government must be and just how little people in our government must know about combat.

After the Fr. Hood was attacked by a traitorous member of their own ranks who had become a radicalized Muslim the event was immediately called ‘workplace violence’ by our President.  It was clear he was willing to sacrifice our military men and women to protect the reputation of Islam.  After years of living with the pain of having your loved ones murdered or living with the wounds both visible and invisible of being shot, some still having the bullets lodged inside their bodies, the government finalized recognized that they were attacked by a hostile force.  I truly do not know what the government would call anyone trying to kill a person other than a hostile force.  Now even after the battle for being recognized as being shot by a Muslim terrorist comes to a close and those men and women can receive their Purple Heart our government negates that medal as being nothing more than decoration.  As one of those who still have two of the eight bullets remaining inside his body was seeking medical attention from the VA he was denied any service connection for his wounds.  I would love to have someone tell me how the VA is able to deny the reality of a Purple Heart?  They insult our service men and women.

It is beyond time that our government stops playing politics with our military!  Our military has been diminished under this administration.  Our nation depends upon a volunteer military.  But I must admit wondering who would ever want to join our military knowing full well the way that our government treats them if they get hurt.  It was my privilege to asset many our veterans in getting their service connected disabilities from injuries received while in the service.  There were more than a few cases that took years to finally get approved.  The Department of Veteran Affairs claims to be in the corner for our military.  In many ways there are many wonderful people who actually are there for the benefit of the veteran.  But in so many cases our veterans are met by people who seem to act like any payments or benefits are coming out of their own pockets.  Additionally I have found that quite often the more sensitive or deeper the duties of the veteran the more reluctant to almost impossible it is to get their benefits approved.  Many times this is because the DD214 does not match the military actions of the veteran.  The government does not like being honest with the service actions and orders issued to many of the veterans so the DD214 is completely incorrect.  Additionally in many cases when the veteran tries to get records much has been redacted.  Or, as in the cases of male rape in the military where the government does not like to admit that such things actually happen, those cases may find an intense uphill battle regardless of the documentation.  Again, it is time the government stopped playing politics with our veterans.

It does not matter if our government likes the duties that our veterans were required to fulfill, our government must support the veterans especially if they get hurt fulfilling those orders.  In many ways those who are in the actual positions of the government where final decisions are made have absolutely no concept of our military.  They lost to arm-chair quarterback our veterans from the safety of their warm living room where if they would even so much as watch an episode of M.A.S.H. it would easily triple their military knowledge.  There is more concern for the enemy then there is for our own GI.  After a GI tracks down a terrorist who has just killed his fellow soldiers and, in the heat of the moment, slugs the terrorist in the mouth for making a comment about them deserving to die, that GI is up on charges from our limp wristed liberal government.  If our government wants to send our men and women out into hostile situations then our government should have some direct knowledge what it is like to be there living under those conditions.

It is time our government stopped playing politics with our military.  Our government must stop protecting Islam more than they protect our veterans and our active duty military.  It is time our government stopped playing games with the health care of our military.  It is time our government stopped treating our wounded and disabled veterans like any benefits are coming out of their own personal pockets.  It is time from the beginning of all wars that our government did more than just give weak lip service to how much they appreciate their sacrifices.  Actions speak much more than words.  It is a complete disgrace how our military is treated as a political pawn.  It is time our government was forced to provide the services that our wounded deserve.  It is time our government STOP PLAYING POLITICS WITH OUR MILITARY!


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