Iran and the Houthi rebels


There comes a point and time in discussions and research where all other options and conclusions get stripped away and a person is left with only one final conclusion.  Many of the contradictions which are a part of this administration and its foreign policies go to assist the stripping away of various options.   Contradictions are quite beneficial to determine truths.  Obama adamantly wants a nuclear agreement with Iran.  Obama keeps saying how it is not a matter of believing the Iranians but of inspections.  This in itself is revealing.  How can there even begin to be a major agreement with anyone or any party that you do not believe is telling the truth?  Kerry has condemned Iran for their supporting of the Houthi rebels in Syria.  Iran adamantly denies that they are supporting them.  Somehow Kerry seems to have the evidence that they are not being truthful and actually are supporting them.  Why does Kerry believe that Iran can be trusted in the talks regarding nuclear power and nuclear weapons all the while he is finding Iran in the middle of lies regarding the Houthi rebels?

Iran has had a nuclear program for years prior to it becoming public knowledge.  After the world becoming aware of their program there was supposed to be inspections.  All the inspections were still incapable of finding the truth of their program.  Israel was more helpful in uncovering the nuclear program of Iran than the inspectors.  Why do Obama and Kerry believe that now is going to be any different?  Iran shouts death to America the same day they are making agreements with America regarding their nuclear program.  Iran keeps holding steadfast to the idea that their nuclear program is only for peaceful means while insisting that destroying Israel is a non-negotiable?  Why is Iran insisting upon the immediate removal of all sanctions in this nuclear agreement?  Why is Obama planning to keep all the details of the plan secret until after it is signed?  These questions create contradictions.  These contradictions strip away various possible answers to the questions leaving limited conclusions.  Quite often if there are contradictions between what a person says and how they act, the truth is usually found in their actions.

In my mind, as I review the actions of Iran, Obama and Kerry I am left with the following conclusions.

  1. Kerry is merely nothing more than a puppet for Obama.  Kerry seems to have neither commitment nor conviction regarding Iran and knows that Iran openly and freely lies like a child caught after breaking a lamp.  It does not matter to Kerry that Iran consistently lies; he simply is going to do as directed by Obama.
  2. Iran has and does openly and frequently lie. There is the Islamic belief called taqiyya which permits the follower of Islam to lie to the world in order to promote Islam.  If it is beneficial to the advancement of Islam throughout the world then taqiyya permits the follower to say whatever is necessary in order to achieve that goal.  Therefore since Iran believes it is permitted to say anything and everything necessary to advance Islam regardless as to its truth, Iran should never be trusted.
  3. Obama knows about taqiyya having been trained in Islamic teachings and the religion. Obama has been fully embraced by leaders of the Nation of Islam such as Louis Farrakhan who also knows in the koran that it is forbidden to embrace a non-Muslim.  Farrakhan called Obama the messiah.  A person like Valerie Jarrett who is open about her stanch Islamic faith has been a close and personal advisor to Obama for many years.  This would be a direct violation of her Islamic beliefs if Obama was not a fellow believer.  Obama has consistently been extremely favorable towards Islam, Islamic nations, keeping Islam from any image of harm, openly promoted Islam, and openly has snubbed and attempted to alter the election of Israel.  The only conclusion left regarding Obama is that he is a follower of Islam.  The main real problem with this is that through taqiyya Obama cannot ever truly be trusted in what he says.  He has already been found in multiple situations where he has openly lied to the America people.
  4. Obama seems, through the reduction in contrary options and conclusions, to want Iran to have a nuclear program. Obama must know that Iran has a history of deception.  Obama must know that Iran has had inspections in the past which were deceptive.  Obama must know that Iran wants Israel destroyed.  Obama must know that Iran has close ties with other countries which have nuclear intentions.  Obama must know that inspections and agreements failed with North Korea and they now are a nuclear nation.  Therefore, I, personally, am left with the simple conclusion that Obama wants Iran to develop nuclear weapons.  Obama wants a nuclear Islam.  Obama wants Islam spread throughout the world.  Obama wants Iran to attack Israel.  Obama wants America to be Islamic.  Obama will do anything and everything within his power to see that these goals are achieved.
  5. We have an administration in power which has all appearance of not being true with the America people and practicing active deception. If this is an example of the present Democrat Party then there should never be another Democrat elected to any position and paid a salary from US taxpayer funds.  Now is the blaring call for any and all Democrats who do not fall into this category to stand up and be recognized because your party is in active participation with the destruction of an American alley and the basic freedoms and core of America.  This conclusion there places any and all Democrats and Republicans who are not actively speaking out in both words and actions against this present administration as traitors to the American oath to support and protect the Constitution and of taking part either actively or through omission the action of treason against America.

It is beyond time for plan speaking where this country is headed and the global situation.  Politicians love to play with words.  Many of these politicians have as a belief system that it is permitted to lie to achieve their goals.  As these politicians are feel free to lie to the people then they therefore obviously view the people as stupid and completely foolish able to be easily deceived.  It is time the people showed these politicians that they do not agree with their assessment of the American people.


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