We live in a society where there seems to be the idea that there should not be consequences for actions.  We have students who are being passed through grades in school who have the grammar skills of a small poodle.  We have students getting jobs with such poor math skills that if the computer does not tell them what change to give their reply to the customer is that of a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car.   Students are being shoved through the system without getting an education because the teachers are afraid of holding a student back because of being called racists.  Kids who prefer to play video games as opposed to studying are not feeling any consequences because the teachers run in fear.  People who are too lazy to work are getting paychecks from the government on a monthly basis because there are no consequences for not having any backbone or ambition.  People break into homes and get off because they are ‘socially oppressed’.  Our leaders wonder why big cities are war zones but fail to accept the reasoning is because there are no consequences for wrong behavior.  The minds of so many ‘social progressives’ see the term ‘wrong behavior’ and have a small hemorrhage.  That is also a big part of the problem.  Stop giving excuses to people just because they are of a minority or people of color.  This goes for ALL color except for white it appears today.  I would like to know where ‘white privilege’ was when I was growing up!

When people attack a police officer the officer gets the blame when the perpetrator gets hurt or killed.  When a student gets held back the teacher gets the blame for the kid who refused to study.  When an employee gets fired the manager or store owner gets the blame for being racists or not being compassionate.  When someone gets hurt after trespassing on private property the property owner gets blamed for not being more careful.  There MUST start being consequences.  If you steal a police officer’s professional strength Taser you deserve to get shot or harmed because you stole a dangerous and possibly lethal piece of equipment.  It is equal to stealing the officer’s sidearm.  If you attack an officer you deserve to get shot for assaulting an officer and threatening to do bodily harm.  If you break into a private residence where the homeowner does not know if you are an armed assailant or not you deserve to get shot or whatever happens to you.  It is not the homeowner’s fault if you get hurt.  It is your own fault and you must live with it.  It was your own consequence for your actions.

If you throw bricks at someone you are trying to do intense bodily harm to that person and you deserve whatever you get.  If you are thrown firebombs at a police officer do not whine when you get shot!  If you steal from an employee do not whine when you get fired.  If you run through the streets on a busy day do not complain when you get hit by a car.  If you call an medic because of a head cold do not blame the medic when they might give you flack about transporting you to the hospital when you just took them from possibly saving someone else’s life.  Our social leaders have created a mentality of excuses.  They have removed consequences.  Do not blame the police when there are a large number of gang members in prison.  The police just did their job.  Blame the great minds of society that gave those gang members the idea that since they might have grown up in a poor neighborhood or because they were or some minority that they had a cultural right to form a gang.

I am forever amazed at the stupidity of people.  While working with Latinos I was appalled at the number of fathers and grandfathers who viewed it as a symbol of pride to pass their bandana on to their offspring so they could continue the family tradition of being in a gang.  These people are just too stupid to realize they are helping their child die at an early age.  This is not just a Latino issue.  I see on a daily basis one generation of members of the black community passing their hatreds on to the upcoming generation.  I see white communities passing on the mentality of no need to study or work because there will not be any consequences.  Too many times minors who break the law get off on plea bargains that learn that there will be no consequences for actions.  People wonder why we have corruption in politics.  People wonder why groups like ISIS openly slaughter innocent people.  People wonder why there are times like in Kenya where close to 150 innocent students were gunned down by radical Islamic whack jobs simply because they were Christians.  People get used to there not being any consequences.

If you want to play like an adult then be willing to pay like an adult.  If you want to be a bully then be willing to get a bloody nose when someone puts an end to your reign of terror.  If you prefer to play video games over studying then do not complain when you fail that class in school.  The only real hope for our nation is for there to be consequences and for people to start learning to take responsibility for their actions again.  As a therapist I lost more clients because I would talk about responsibility and accountability.  I especially want this to be heard by the males who might be reading.  Although I feel if you are capable of reading I am probably preaching to the choir.  There is a big difference between a male and a man.  A male simply consist of having the right plumbing needed to go to the men’s room.   Being a man consists of character and integrity.  Being a man means you are willing to face consequences and take responsibility for your actions.

There can be no society without consequences.  People need to stop whining and buck up!  Take responsibility for your own actions.  If you act in a stupid fashion and get hurt do not blame anyone else.  They did not force you to be stupid.  If you refuse to study and do not pass a grade it was your own fault.  You had the opportunity and you threw it away.  If you break the law and get hurt, restrained or killed it was due to your actions and decision to break the law.  Good or bad, whatever you choose to do be willing to accept the consequences.  That was your own choice.


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