Christian lives matter

isis and hitler

Mr. President needs to learn that there is a time and place for a joke.  He also needs to learn how to joke.  I find it interesting when Obama mentions Christianity it has usually been in the form of a complaint.  He complains about Christianity as a hostile source attacking the Muslims during the Crusades.  He complains about how Christians are talking negatively about him and how he chooses to take the ‘high road’ and not attack back.  These are the things regarding Christianity in the mind of our President.  What seems to be lacking is a memory of the 12 Egyptian Christians murdered by ISIS.  What seems to be lacking is his memory of the 148 Christians murdered by radical Islam in Kenya.  What seems to be lacking is the 40,000 trapped on Mt. Sinjar who were mostly Christians and Kurds.  What seems to be lacking in his memory are those who have been killed by ISIS over the past three years mostly being Christians and Kurds having at least one figure in excess of 150,000.  Mr. President, where are you regarding these figures regarding Christians?  CHRISTIAN LIVES MATTER!

It is tiring to listen to a person who is supposed to be the most powerful man in the world whine.  He whines when the media is against him.  He whines about how bad he has had it with Christians ‘talking against him’.  He whines about the Republicans fighting his executive orders.  He whines when he does not get gun control.  He whines about opposition to his amnesty.  I am tired of listening to him whine.  I am also tired of his delusional approach to the Presidency.  I am tired of his defending Islam.  I am tired of his denial of radical Islam.  I am tired of his ignorance in the public threat of radical Islam to our nation.  He whines about how bad blacks are being treated by the police while those same police officers must drop everything and give around the clock protection every time he chooses to go out on a date night or a fund raiser in California.

I truly wonder where this person is at philosophically and personally.  It is personal denial that prevents me from fully accepting the growing fact that Barack Obama does not have America’s best interest in mind.  It is a growing reality that his priority list has Islam and Africa at the top and America far down on the list.  It is a growing reality that this person holds the military in personal distain as evidenced by his ‘latte in hand’ salutes.  Military budgets get cuts while there appears to be an unlimited checkbook when it comes to his global travels.

A main reason why denial fights accepting the idea of a President who does not have America as his #1 priority is because of the damage he is able to create.  We have a ‘Nazi’ like enemy found in the ISIS attempting to eat up one nation after another.  This enemy kills over religion.  Christians, Jews, and anyone not sharing their particular brand of Islam are open targets for their slaughter.  A particular vision of Islam is their driving force while our President denies their existence as having nothing to do with Islam.  Please, Mr. President then answer why they are murdering people in the thousands where ever they set their foot.  I am greatly concerned over the level of damage a President is capable of inflicting who is actively denying the actual presence and drive of the enemy.


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