You must ask why

wolf threat

Iran has had a secret nuclear program since 2002.  There have been inspectors who were supposed to be keeping their new program under watch.  Inspectors saw what they were supposed to see.  Now there is a ‘new’ agreement with Iran that is seen as the magic bullet that will forever prevent Iran from ever getting a nuclear bomb.  Anyone with half a brain cell is looking at the discussions going on with Iran and is totally confused.  They are looking at our elected leaders as promoting how this is the pathway to peace.  Our leaders keep saying how the new agreements are going to guarantee Iran will not violate the limits regarding their nuclear facilities.  Inspectors will keep a tight lid on everything happening in Iran.  All this time Iran is shouting death to America and how the total destruction of Israel is a non-negotiable issue.  Our leaders cannot be this stupid or naïve.  You must ask yourself why are they doing this and what is their agenda.

Obama has done everything but openly stand in the middle of the Rose Garden to openly proclaim his undying love and devotion to Islam and his disdain for Israel.  Regardless how much I personally disagree with Obama and his policies I still do not want to accept that he is purposely trying to undermine America.  I do not want to accept the idea that he is doing everything within his power to hand the world over to the teachings and values of Islam.  I do not want to accept that he is actually just a very powerful mole for radical Islam.  But I am being left with no other alternatives.  When I hear people ask these types of questions all I hear in response from the talking heads who are loyal to Obama just say how stupid the people must be who think in this fashion and how we are supposed to have faith in our leaders.  I am sure there have been people in other countries who were also told to not think and to just trust their leaders and it did not turn out too well for them or the world.

When I have brought these issues up in the past the response is normally just from trolls who look for articles they can degrade and made off the wall comments regarding with no intellectual discussion.  I want discussion.  I want to have another reason for why Obama and his administration are doing the things they are doing.  I want to know another reason why they are agreeing to make open and accepted Iran’s nuclear program, a nation that has more American blood on their hands than probably any other nation.  I want to know there is a real rational reason why Obama refuses to see radical Islam as the reason people are being slaughtered just for being a Christian.  I want to know it bothers him that people are being targeted by Islam for their faith.  There are only two reasons left for Obama’s stance on current issues.  Either he is a complete idiot and totally insane needing to be stripped of all power and authority or he is purposely aiding with the full power of the Presidency of the United States the establishment of a global Islam.  These are my only two options.

I am hoping that there are enough people in true charge of the military that love their freedoms and liberties as given by the Constitution.  I am hoping that there are enough people in true charge of the military that ‘if’ and ‘when’ Obama calls for any strikes against Israel that those orders are denied and nullified.  I hope there are enough people who love their liberties that IF Obama ever calls for a martial state that he will be ignored or imprisoned for acts against the nation.  I am hoping that there are enough real leaders in our Congress that will override Obama’s actions regardless of their party affiliations.  It is time our political leaders stop being Democrat and Republicans and start being Americans.  Our politics have been hijacked.  Our politics have been so infiltrated by Marxists and Socialists that they have forgotten the realities of Capitalism and that it is the only system that really works.  Marxism and Socialism does not work because the human element.  There will eventually be a person or persons in power who wants more and more power.  Communism does not work in reality for that very reason.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  The only system that has worked has been one where hard work produces personal gain.

Obama and the present Democrat party is not what it appears.  The present Democrat party has been take astray and is not the Democrat party of yesterday.  It does not take a political scientist to listen to some of the comments coming out of the mouths of people in the Democrat leadership and realize that the only reason they have stayed in power is because of power itself.  No one in their right minds actually makes some of the same statements as coming out of these so called leaders and actually remains in office due to their leadership skills.

We have a problem.  I do not know where we are going as a nation or as a global society but it does not appear to be a very good direction.  In spite of the flavor of this article I am not an alarmist.  I am a realist.  I am also trying to be very careful of what actually is said because I also know concretely that these things that go out to social media are monitored.  I see what I perceive to be a dangerous situation brewing for this nation and our world.  The best answer to jihad in our country is for good people who love this country and its freedoms to fight back against all forms of radical Islam who want to destroy our American way of life.  The best answer for a radical idiot with a gun is to be met with a sane good person with another gun.  The idiots soon learn that it probably is not a good choice when people are shooting back at him or her.  If it comes to where orders are being given which violate what America stands for and the American values, ethics and way of life I am hoping that there are enough good law enforcement officials and military leaders who will stand for America and contrary to any and all orders which violate the oath to protect the Constitution of the United States.  I am hoping that there are enough people in elected positions from the city level up through the federal offices who are more dedicated to their country and the US Constitution than they are to a party.

I am afraid that the time is coming when people are going to have to decide.  They are going to be forced to decide liberties or job.  They are going to be forced to decide obedience or Constitution.  They are going to be forced to decide between power and freedom.  They are going to be forced to decide between ignorance or real peace.  They are going to be forced to decide between keeping their heads buried in the sands of denial or deal with the realities of the issues which surround them.  That time is rapidly coming if not already here.


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