Who’s picking up the tab?

executive orders

Obama believes that he needs to finish his immigration plan.  He seems to believe that it is the only right thing to do is to make sure that he allows everyone to be able to have the American dream.  He seems to see his actions as being a matter of civil rights.  These are all fine and good concepts and lofty ambitions but there is one question that has yet to be addressed by either Obama or any of his supporters.  That question is simply who is going to pay for all these wonderful lofty plans?

The present plan includes benefits that are available to all citizens which once the illegal immigrant is accepted into the program will be technically.  These benefits include medical coverage, tax rebates and refunds, social program payments, as well as all the present programs that are current in operation from law enforcement to medical care and social services.  All these things are not free.  These all have cost factors which must be calculated before there can be any thought of an amnesty plan.  The money must come from somewhere.  Who is going to pay for all these wonderful programs?  Keep in mind that America has already been demoted in its credit rating because of its inability to meet all its present obligations.  In our family budget if we are having difficulty making our monthly bills the last thing we try to do is to purposely create another huge debt.

Obama seems to have his priorities backwards.  Retirement pay for military is threatened with facing reduction.  Amnesty is looking like it is going to raise costs by over $40 billion per year.  A male with no dependents on the food assistance program received a whopping $16.00 per month while Obama and/or his family has taken more vacations over his time in office than most Americans take in a life time and at total cost in the hundreds of millions.  Legislatures whine about not getting paid enough money while our military looks at cuts.  Now the amnesty program which is being sold as providing the American dream is going to be at a cost where there is not going to being enough money left in which to dream.  The one thing that appears to be the primary reason for the amnesty program is to have millions of new voters.  But even with the idea of millions of new voters who are expected to vote Democrat, how are those million new people supposed to live after they receive their amnesty?  There are not enough jobs in America presently to keep the people employed.  Now there is going to be a flood of a few million more people seeking work?  How are they going to provide for their families?  The government is having enough problems then to add the cost of a few million more recipients of federal aid will only make a difficult program impossible.

The idea of amnesty for millions of illegals might be appealing to some.  But it is a double edged sword that America cannot have and that those walking into what they think is a free trip to citizenship will not truly expect.  Eventually the government well is going to run dry.  But people do not think that far ahead.  Where is the extra money going to come from for additional law enforcement needed to handle the resulting social effect of the millions of new ‘citizens’?  Where is the money going to come from to handle the additional hospital and medical services cost from addressing the additional health care needs of the new multi-million patients?  Like with so many idealist and progressives in politics, the wonderful ideas of caring for the masses come down to basic math in dollars and cents and that cost factor has not been examined in reality.  Someone somehow somewhere must pay for these things.  Who is going to pick up the tab?  Obama either has never stopped long enough from his executive orders to actually think about that simple matter or he has just set into motion a calculated and deliberate plan to bankrupt America creating the stage for civil crisis after the money runs dry.


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