More than just Israel

nuclear Iran

In 2015 a secret nuclear facility that had been in operation since 2008 was discovered in Iran.  This is only one event of secret facilities in violation of present restraints and agreements with Iran.  Why would anyone possibly begin to believe that if Iran enters into an agreement limiting the number of facilities that they can be believed?  The naïve approach to the nuclear talks with Iran has consequences that will have long reaching effects.

It is public knowledge that Israel does not want any agreement regarding Iran’s nuclear program.  Israel has good reason to be concerned since Iran has been open with its desire to completely remove Israel from the face of the map.  But is it equally as naïve to believe that Israel is the only nation that needs to be concerned.  Iran has lied and deceived inspectors and world leaders for years.  Now Kerry and the Obama administration wants the world to believe that Iran is trustworthy simply because things can be ‘inspected’.   Things were supposed to be able to be inspected now and Iran has been found to be hiding nuclear facilities for years.

It is as if Obama and Kerry just do not understand the ramifications.  We are not talking about someone being able to hack into cable television to get free HBO.  We are talking about a regime that has sworn to destroy America and to eliminate Israel getting a nuclear bomb.  It is beyond any comprehension why our political leaders continue to insist that Iran is only interested in peaceful uses of nuclear energy.  Granted Iran would probably get a nuclear weapon with or without an agreement.  But why should any nation even remotely want to make it easier for them to get the nuclear materials needed?  Once Iran is able to openly have a large number of nuclear facilities they have already proven that they will secretly have more than the permitted number.  Once Iran has a nuclear program that is ‘agreed’ upon by world leaders then there is no hiding their efforts.

Nuclear talks with the goal of achieving an agreed upon nuclear program is total and complete global suicide.  It not just Israel that stand to be in danger of Iran developing a nuclear weapon.  America will also be on the receiving end of any nuclear weapon.  For any American leader to be pushing for an approved nuclear program in Iran should be seen as treason.  Once Iran gets the nuclear materials required to create a nuclear weapon it will create that weapon and use it.  Once Iran begins to get the materials to create a nuclear weapon and sees an opportunity to use it in its less refined form as a ‘dirty bomb’, Iran will use it.  The world is not looking at an ‘IF’ situation regarding Iran creating and using nuclear weapons.  The world is looking at a ‘when’.


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