Nothing wrong with Indiana


America is the land of liberty and freedom.  People are allowed to make their own choices.  It is not needed for those choices to be approved by others or even popular.  The only real need for restrictions is when those choices invade upon the liberties of others.  Recently there have been a number of cases where homosexual couples who are getting married and Christian business owners who do not support homosexuality have clashed.  When this clash occurs typically it is the business owner who receives the brunt of the conflict.  There are so many ‘rights’ in favor supporting the homosexual agenda and lifestyle.  But where are the ‘rights’ of the religious choices for the business owners?

There are numerous accounts where in one fell swoop a Christian business owner is bankrupt or out of business because they felt it would violate their religious beliefs to support a homosexual marriage.  There is no need to enumerate them here since it is a simple matter of a basic internet search.  The couple is not prevented from getting married; they just simply have to find their products from another supplier.  This is an action that is commonplace to anyone who has ever planned a wedding.  But the problem seems to be viewed as an action of civil rights violation of the homosexual couple as the business owner refuses to violate their religious beliefs.  There are so many concerns over the civil rights of the homosexual couple that no one seems to care about the civil rights of the business owners.

But this issue goes deeper than just the religious rights of a business owner not to be forced to do that which they believe would violate their particular values.  In America today there seems to be a war on Christianity.  Schools are forced to no longer have ‘Easter’ break because it is seen as a Christian holiday so it has its name changed to ‘spring’ break.  Christmas carols are no longer permitted in many schools since they are seen as being Christian in nature.  It does not matter that these carols have been a traditional part of the Christmas celebration for centuries.  Christmas is under attack as seen as a Christian holiday regardless of its global celebration.  Bible studies are being canceled because they are Christian.  Gideon’s are not permitted in many school districts to pass out New Testaments being seen as a violation of the civil rights of those who do not believe in God.  There is even growing number of cases where private gathering are being forced to have permits even in private homes.  Where are the protections of the civil rights for Christians?

What I seen happening in Indiana is a governor who is finally willing to take a stand against the tide.  Someone is finally standing up for the civil rights of the Christian business owner.  If an Islamic group protests the selling of bacon there is no governmental organization or civic rights groups telling them they are violating the civil rights of anyone.  If an Islamic group forces a school system to change things because it violates their religious beliefs there is no voice screaming how their religious beliefs needs to take a back seat to the civil rights of the students.  But if a Christian group wants to take a stand for their religious beliefs then suddenly they are seen as violating people’s civil rights and must be forced to change.  This is not a civil rights issue.  This is a war on Christianity issue.

The Christian business owner has the right to run their business as they deem fit.  They have a right not to be forced to change those values just to satisfy others.  There is also an expectation on the couple who wants to get married.  If they know a business hold Christian values contrary to homosexuality they really should have better sense than to go into that business demanding they meet the needs of the wedding and then get upset when those demands are not met.  Anyone can go into any business and purchase anything they want at any time that business is open.  But if I want that business to provide something different than what I can openly purchase, or need to have made especially for my event then I am entering an agreement where I am now asking that business to do something above what is regularly available.  It is an experience that countless people who have planned any major event has experienced where you are working out details on how things are going to be finalized that that not all the details are meeting the expectations of the couple.  Instead of making the business do what they normally do not do, usually the couple simply finds another provider for those services.  This may be the typical response for everything except where Christian values are concerned.  Somehow when it is a matter dealing with Christian values it has become commonplace for the couple to be allowed to scream and yell discrimination and how the business is now violating their civil rights.  Where is the common sense needed for the couple to first take a closer look at the business and find out the products they typically produce like most couples are forced to do with any other business?

People who are elected into office of political leadership are elected because they are supposed to be leaders.  Leadership is supposed to be something that takes courage.  Personally, I think it is about time at least one of our political leaders decided to show some courage and take a leadership role in protecting the civil rights of Christian business owner.  Thank you Indiana!


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