The Iran plan

scorpion on a turtle

I cannot fully say that Obama would never have had nuclear talks with Iran that Iran would never be able to get a nuclear weapon.  They have lied their way through the sanctions and have hidden reactors and other sites for years.  Even without a nuclear agreement with Iran I believe they would have had a nuclear weapon within our lifetimes.  What I do believe the agreement talks have done has been bringing their nuclear process more out in the open and are being given a ‘blessing’ of the United States.  It is commonsense that if Iran agrees to a few hundred reactors that they will be secretly building a few thousand.  What any agreement with Iran has done is have given Iran the ability to get a nuclear weapon probably within this decade.

There is no real question within the minds of open and critical thinkers that Obama does not favor Islam in most any form and is not favorable towards Israel.  I never thought I would see the day that a US President would act so hostile towards Israel as Obama.  I also never thought I would see the day when an American President would be so openly and purposely blind to the actions of radical Islamic factions as Obama.  His ties with questionable groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood are truly an insult to the image and reputation of the United States.  He behaves himself in an arrogant fashion which makes America look like a laughing stock and fools on a global stage.  His gum chewing and other social blunders has been a social disgrace to other nations who pride themselves on proper dignities.  It is difficult to know if he truly believes what Iran says when they ‘promise’ never to build a nuclear weapon or if he at some level wants Iran to have a nuclear weapon.  If he believes Iran he must be so naïve to be on some level psychotic.  If he does not believe Iran then he is a fool to allow them open reactors.  Either way it does not look good for society as a whole.

It does not take a political expert to understand that Iran’s ability to eventually have a nuclear weapon will not passively sit well with the rest of the Middle East.  This area is a powder keg just waiting for the right spark.  Now just imagine this area as a nuclear armed area.  It is not hard to picture suicide bombers carrying dirty bombs rather than TNT.  It does not take a stretch of the imagination to picture plane carrying nuclear explosives.  These are the realities of a nuclear Middle East.

Even more alarming than the idea of a nuclear Middle East is the idea of a sitting US President who has all the outward appearance of being either mentally or emotionally unstable.  It actually is painful to write that statement because of the high regard that there normally is for a US President.   I truly do not know which direction this President is taking America.  The problem is also that where ever this President takes America the rest of the world will tend to also go.  There has been created a huge void in the world political arena which was normally filled by America.  America has stepped aside from that position creating an open area that has been a major global structural support column.  The key opening has seen the rise of Russia being a land hungry bear and ISIS a blood lusting animal.  In reality the fate of America is yet to be written and likewise that of the world.  It is not that Barack Obama is so powerful as to alter the state of global events.  But an impotent American President who observes more than acts can allow in motion events that can alter the lives of many.

It is not that America is taking a passive role regarding Iran but has actually been fostering a friendly relationship with Iran.  There is an old proverb about a scorpion which was stranded on land and was about to die if it could not cross over a lake onto safety.  The scorpion asked a turtle to please ferry it across.  After so many times of the turtle expressing his concern about the scorpion stinging and killing him the scorpion devoutly promised not to sting the turtle.  To which the turtle agreed to ferry the scorpion to safety.  Once on the other side of the lake the scorpion promptly stung the turtle.  As the turtle was dying he asked the scorpion why he stung him after he promised he would not do so.   To this the scorpion replied:  I am a scorpion and scorpions naturally sting.  I only did that which was natural.  I fear with all the promises Iran makes not to get a nuclear weapon while also shouting death to America and to wipe Israel off the face of the earth that Iran is only waiting to get on the other side into safety before it does that which seems so easily to come naturally to Iran, and that is to lie.


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