Is it time?


How many times do things need to happen to start seeing a pattern?  How many people need to die before steps are finally put in place to prevent future deaths?  How many people must die before political correctness gets placed aside and preventative steps enacted?  In the news there have recently been three significant cases of airplane crashes.  According to a 20/20 report the chances of dying in a commercial airliner crash is 1 in 15 million.  Take that and calculate the odds of having three jetliners crash in less than six months.  Now add one more factor into the mix.  What are the odds of having three commercial jetliners crash in six months with one thing in common in each flight?  After a while a person no longer needs to be a rocket scientist to see a unique pattern that raises suspicion.

In many cases there are still investigations which are ongoing.  But there have been enough discoveries into the crashes to raise serious suspicion.  The Mozambique fight that disappeared was piloted by Herminio dos Santos Fernandes who was a Portuguese convert to Islam and who kept his original name.  AirAsia flight QZ8501 was piloted by Captain Iriyanto an Indonesian who was a devout Muslim.  Malaysia flight 370 was piloted by Fariq Abdul Hamid and Zaharie Ahmad both Muslim converts.  Royal Air Maroc Flight 630 Younes Khayatia was a Moroccan Muslim.  Now there are some reports based upon social media information gleaned from the co-pilot of the Germanwings airliner that Andreas Lubitz had recently converted to Islam.  There begins to be a pattern.  Three of these air accidents occurred within less than six months’ time.

I know right about now that there are some with blood running from their ears because their head has just exploded.  I hear the cries of racism and Islamophobia.  I do not care what religion a person chooses but when it comes to affecting the lives of innocent people who had entrusted those lives into the care of pilots of aircraft, religion and everything else regarding that person becomes an issue.  The odds of even three airliners to crash in six months’ time all having pilots of the same religion are extremely small.  While I do not know the exact figure I would tend to assume that I would have a greater chance of winning the Lotto, being struck by lightning, and having a Killer Whale drop on my house all within two hours of each other.

All I am saying in this article is that this is something worth discussion and seeking further discoveries.  The prime new media will never discuss the similarities of the pilots and their religious preferences.  But there are undeniable facts through recent history of radical Islam calling for the slaughter of innocent people in the name of Islam.  Police officers have been attacked simply because a radical convert to Islam was told to do so.  Suicide bombers go into cafes where women and children are enjoying a time away never to go home again.  If anything was learned from 9/11 is that anything can happen.  Radical Islam has been and is increasing in being a major problem for the world population.  In the name of their religion they kill for the sake of killing and earning some kind of points in their afterlife and their 72 virgins.  The hold that radical Islam has and its brainwashing which is able to take what appears to be sane people and turns them into mass murdering monsters needs to be examined.  I am not saying that all who practice Islam are monsters set to slaughter the innocent.  I am sure that there are some who follow the teachings of Islam who simply want to practice the religion they are familiar with in peace.  But what I am saying is that maybe it is time for religion to be examined in these recent air tragedies.  Likewise maybe it is time that there is never only one person allowed to be in the cockpit of an airliner at any one time.  Additionally, as in the case of Malaysian flight 370 maybe it is time that there will never be two converts to Islam allowed flying together.

I know this is not what people want to hear.  Basically that is just too bad if it offends anyone.  If I was a family member of one of those killed in the recent airliner disasters I would be demanding answers.  I would not care if it offended anyone or not.  I would not care if it stepped on religious toes or not.  I would DEMAND to know why my family member got on an airplane in good working condition and was murdered by a pilot or copilot who simply seemed to decide one day that he was going to fly his plane and all those depending upon him for a safe flight into the ground.  I would not care about political correctness.  I would not care who I offended.  I would want answers.

Radical Islam has created this mess.  Radical Islam has been the ones who have made people suspicious of them and their motives.  Radical Islam has been the ones who have put into motion any concern for the life and well-being of non-Muslims who are in their care.  This is not the result of hatred for a religion.  This is not the result of people who want to burn crosses on front lawns.  This is not the result of some kind or racism.  This is the result of watching untold numbers being slaughtered in the name of Islam by idiots who think that by killing innocent people that their god is going to give them some blessing.  This is a result of watching fathers kill their daughters in the name of Islam because they dated or looked at the wrong person.  This is a result of a religion that acts more like 1015 than 2015.  This is a result of watch a perversion of what some may call a peaceful religion, and maybe very much be at its core, and take off their heads with a sadistic glee.  This is a result of watching radical rabid animals in the name of Islam do that which even rabid animals would have more dignity than to do.  Do not blame society for questioning Islam.  Blame those radicals in Islam for what they have done to society.  Maybe it is time to seriously question Islam.


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