United we Stand!

united we stand

After 9/11 the motto of ‘United we stand’ took on a special meaning.  We stopped momentarily being different races, creeds, histories, and became Americans.  There was a pride in America and in being an American.  We stopped for a while being separate entities and become a whole unit.  It was interesting to read an article recently stating where the Crips and Bloods have temporally formed a pseudo-peace in order to unite in fighting ISIS and radical Islam.  While I could hear the screams and cries of horror from my old English teacher as the representatives of both Crips and Bloods were expressing in words only they could understand the need for them to unite against these foreign threats, the significance of their actions was clear.  People must unite in the face of the foreign threats that America faces.  IF, and the operative word is IF, Americans can unite and get over our various differences then ISIS and radical Islam WILL face a force they could never imagine should they ever make the mistake of attacking American homeland.

I am confident that there are those in America who follow the teachings of Islam who are not radicals and simply want to enjoy a religion they are familiar with in peace.  That does not mean that I do not also believe that there are radicals of Islam in America who want nothing more than to see America fall under the hand of radical Islam, sharia law forced upon everyone and the Constitution shredded.  I also see a nation where every effort appears to be taken to divide it leaving it vulnerable.  I see a nation where our leadership is so blindly dedicated to the protection of Islam that it is willing to jeopardize the safety of America through their refusal to see any legitimate threat.  By refusing to acknowledge that radical factions of the religion of Islam exists our government is also refusing to acknowledge that there may be any risk of internal attack by radical Islam as being seen in other countries.  According to the mentality of our President and this administration if there are pockets of ‘Islam’ in America then they are only peaceful and present no threat to America.  This level of total denial is equal to a person arrested on their 10th DUI, having an open jug of whiskey in their car, blood alcohol level five times the legal limit, long history of jobs and relationships lost due to their drinking, multiple physical problems due to alcohol, yet still holding to the defense that there is no problem.  It baffles the rational mind as to how this administration can possibly truly believe there is no such thing as radical Islam.

Since it is clear that America cannot depend upon our present administration or its leadership to defend America’s homeland, it is up to Americans to do it themselves.  We must stop any forms of division.  White, black, red, brown, yellow; the colors must stop existing and must be meaningless.  Nations of origin must cease in importance as we all become one America.  Unit we will stand.  It is up to the people to defend our country.  Anyone who keeps the divisions tearing at the core of any sense of unity must be seen as part of the problem and part of the threat.  Either people are a part of the unifying elements within America facing internal threats or they are part of the threat itself.  Those who want to hold that ISIS is welcome on their university campus have declared unity with ISIS and radical Islam.  They have joined themselves with the threat and the enemy.  Anyone who wants to take those who are striving to keep America safe such as our police or military and compare them to ISIS have just declared their position against a unified America.  They have just declared themselves as loyal to ISIS and radical Islam and therefore have declared themselves as part of the enemy.  There must be a distinct and clear line drawn.  Either a person is part of a unified America against ISIS and radical Islam or they are against America and part of ISIS and radical Islam.  There is no middle ground.  If the gang members of the Crips and Bloods are able to recognize that in a divided America there will not be many survivors, then every rational individual within the shores of this nation should be able to do the same.

It is time to stop the insanity.  Iran must NEVER get the nuclear elements required to build a nuclear weapon because in spite of all the wonderful words and rhetoric expressed by the leaders of their nation and ours, America and Israel WILL be the recipient of that nuclear weapon.  Radical Islam must be identified, recognized and removed.  If radical Islam continues to be ignored due to blind obedience and devotion to the religion of Islam by our President and other political leaders, there will be wholesale slaughter in America at the hands of radical Islam.  America cannot be fighting radical Islam while denying the existence of radical Islam.  America cannot be fighting radical Islam while funding the nations that support radical Islam.  There MUST be a change in policy of America regarding these threats.  Since there does not appear to be any desire for change on the part of our political leadership then it is up to the people of America.  United we WILL stand!


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