Pardon me if you are offended

flag and eagle

There is so much being said about not offended people.  From school dances being cancelled to shirts portraying flags being banned, the emotions of others seem to be the priority of those in authority.  While this appears to be wonderfully full of butterflies and unicorns it also if completely full of horse kaka!

I do not care if we are America, France, Great Britain, Mexico or any other country which could be named, there will be national pride.  You go to a country and you will see the national flags.  You go to any country and you will see THAT country being promoted and exonerated.  You go to any country and you will be EXPECTED to follow the laws of that country.  You go to any country and you will have better be aware of the particular nuances of that country, its values, standards, and its customs.  Do not expect that country to change simply because you are a foreigner entering its borders.  Do not expect that country to understand if you break any of its laws that you are a foreigner in that country and were ignorant.  Do not expect that country to readily forgive if you break social protocol simply because you are from another country.  Yet all of these things are expected of America.

America is a great country with a great heritage.  It has stood the gap between dictators and tyrants for decades.  It has fed friends and enemies alike.  It has poured billions of tons of food into countries to feed to poor and hungry even though their governments may have sworn to kill America.  There is no other country that has given more money or food around the world than America.  It is this unique pride in America that has set America apart from all other countries around the globe making it an example of life and liberty.  My roots go deep into America and this land.  My ancestors fought in the American Revolution setting this nation free from England rule.  My ancestors were early immigrant settlers fleeing religious persecution to a new land.  My ancestors roamed the lands and hunted as Native Americans before the first settlers set foot on the new soil.  My roots run deep in this land.  I make neither excuse nor apology for my pride as an American!

It is time that the newbies to this country begin to change and not the country change for the newbies.  If a person comes to a country there is something about that country that draws them.  If they do not like the uniqueness of that country then there is no reason for a foreigner to come here.  This is America.  Expect to see the flag flown on streets, buildings and clothing.  Expect our laws to stand as the supreme rule of governing.  Expect our Constitution to remain the final authority for our nation.  Expect freedom to be for everyone and that no one party or group is going to be permitted to run rough shod over anyone else.  This nation was formed on Christian principles.  This is fact and only needs a basic review of historical fact in order to see its reality.  Expect that America will have Christian holidays and festivals.  Do not even begin to think about changing it.  Any foreigner coming to America does not even have a beginning of a right to expect that they should be able to change these basic points of life in America.  They need to remember that they chose to come to America.  America did not force them to come here; they chose to come here on their own free will.

If this is found offensive the reality is that this IS America.  America has stood for centuries as America.  It has not stood because it changed at every whim of those who have come to our shores.  America has stood because of its pride.  Americans are proud of what our flag represents.  Our flag has stood against the blood lust of others.  Our flag stood to mean a force with which the enemy knew would not back down nor give up.  From the Alamo to the hills of Afghanistan our flag represented a power that was not going to stand for oppression.  To many that may be offensive.  If that is offensive I make no apology!

Our roots run deep.  Our pride runs even deeper.  Never expect Americans to change just to please the foreign masses.  There are many within our government who are doing everything in their power to reduce, diminish, and even eliminate the core of America in an effort to make us more ‘pleasing’ to others.  Never mistake our meekness as weakness!   There are those who have actively sworn to destroy America.  There is an account of a Prisoner of War in Vietnam who was able to hide a small American flag.  He knew the power of that flag.  Even if the flag is destroyed be completely assured that no one, no power, and no authority will ever destroy the flag that every American keeps hidden within.  Do not ever underestimate the power of that flag which lies within the soul of every American.  Should there ever be a power, force, religion, or leader who tries to oppress America and make the mistake of attacking our shores, there will be a force with which would demand a reckoning.  There will be an underground network of opposition that would be the absolute nightmare of any attacking and oppressing force.  Be assured that our liberties have been honed for many generations and so have our ability to fight for them.

Many have made ovations to change America.  Many have made remarks and boasts about changing America by force.  Others have yelled and screamed how America must change just to please them because they are offended.  I would highly encourage these people to walk carefully.  You are in MY country.  I assure you that your accolades will only be tolerated for a time.  Your threats to ‘take back’ this country; boasts about destroying America; claims about how America must change because it does not comply to someone else’s rule of law; and even the desires of some nations to kill America and its allies simply because of our faith and liberties; I truly would encourage you NEVER to act upon your statements.  You may talk but I would recommend it end there.  This is America.  We will NOT go away.  We will NOT change to please you.  We will NOT be ashamed of our flag, liberties or heritage.  We will NOT hide our pride.  WE ARE AMERICANS!


2 thoughts on “Pardon me if you are offended

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  2. anthony

    Damn right!!! Love it or leave it. Are money says “in god we trust” anytime someone is sworn in or goes before a court places there hand on a bible. I will fight to the death to uphold this tradition and the other traditions and believes of this great country. You don’t like that? Either leave or come to Texas and say it to my face and see what happens. No one can judge me but God.


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