Please explain

nuclear Iran

Khamenei just called again for death to America.  Iran has been making these calls and demands against America as well as for Israel to be wiped off the face of the map.  I would like to have someone please explain why Obama is planning to transfer close to $12 Billion from the US to Iran by July.  As taxpayers, this is our money that is being sent to the very people whose hands are covered in American blood and who seeks the destruction of both America as well as Israel.  We deserve answers.  We DEMAND answers.

Iran supports terrorism.  It has been proven that many of the IEDs experienced by our troops in Iraq were made in Iran.  Iran may appear to be ‘friendly’ as they are fighting against ISIS but do not be confused.  Iran is neither our friend nor ally.  Secretary Kerry and President Obama are bound and determined to secure a secret nuclear deal with Iran.  Obama states that after the deal is signed that it will be then that he will speak to the American people about the details.  We are talking about a nation that consistently has called for the death of America and Israel.  We are talking about a nation that has been breaking agreements for years.  We are talking about a regime that has a proven record of not being trustworthy.  Now our top leaders are saying that we can trust Iran in an agreement that ultimately will be placing them on the road, if they are not there already, to obtain nuclear weapons.  This is insanity!

Where are the rest of America’s elected leadership?  Treason is supposed to be a crime where someone supports the enemies of America.  Giving aid and support to the enemy was also supposed to be a crime.  This is the same Iran that held Americans hostage for over a year.  This is the same Iran who has been holding an American pastor as prisoner simply because he is a Christian pastor for over a year.  This is the same Iran that abuses, tortures and kills women under sharia law on a regular basis.  This is the same Iran who views stoning women as a regular spectator event.  This is the same Iran who hangs people for being homosexual.  This is the same Iran that is guilty of systematic abuses of human rights.  Yet Obama and Kerry praise Iran for their advancements.  This is beyond any comprehension.

Our Congressmen and women know what Obama is attempting to do with this nuclear deal with Iran.  They know that Iran has given no reason in the past to be believed that they ONLY want peaceful usages of nuclear power.  Our Congress people know that Iran has backed terrorism and still calls for the death of America and Israel.  The blood of every American or Israeli that is killed by any weapon made by Iran, and even a fool has to know that much of the $12 Billion that is going to Iran will be used for making weapons, is on the hands of every Congress person who does not do everything in their power to stop Obama’s plan.  As Iran obtains nuclear weapons the blood of every global citizen will be on the hands of the Congress person who has not done everything in their power to stop Obama.  Our Congress people know what is happening.  Our Congress people are to be held accountable.  People know that Iran WILL get nuclear weapons regardless of all the claims Iran makes regarding their innocence.  The blood of each and every victim of Iran today and in the future falls upon the hands of OUR Congress for not stopping Obama and his plans.


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