What has happened?

what has happened

Secretary of State John Kerry praises Iran with the advances they are making towards an agreement regarding allowing them to continue with their nuclear program the same day when the leader of Iran calls for the death of America.  Valerie Jarrett is proud to be a follower of Islam and friend of Louis Farrakhan a leader of the radical Islamic group the Nation of Islam while ISIS and other radical Islamic groups target our service men and women along with their families.  Obama makes the statement how there is no such thing as radical Islam all the time while priceless historical artifacts are being destroyed solely because they are not in according with their teaching of Islam.  There are so many things happening in this administration that are more than questionable.  Hillary Clinton deletes messages from a questionable private server because she deems them as personal and unimportant.  Eric Holder protects Black Panthers who were clearly intimidating voters at a voting booth.  Marxist and Communists proudly march through the White House unembarrassed at their political views and more than glad to share their ‘advance political beliefs’.  Where does the insanity end and treason begin?  What has happened to loyalty, devotion, truth, and responsibility?

I would tend to put forward that if someone was taken from the 1980’s America and suddenly dropped into present day America they would swear they were in a foreign country.  Things are happening that was never even considered able to happen in America.  I see a President who is standing in a line of dignitaries in Japan chewing gum looking more like a James Dean impersonator at a high school prom than the President of the greatest nation on earth.   Absolute lies and garbage are being spread as fact such as the statements of America being a Muslim country and that Islam has always been a part of American history.  There is no factual basis for this statement yet it comes from the President of the United States.  It is not uncommon for politicians to lie to the American people, which would have been grounds for that politician to have severe repercussions if our Forefathers would still be around, but the statements coming from Obama is utter flights of fantasy.  Either Obama is total delusional, which is a scary prospect knowing the power he is supposed to hold, of he is total insane, which is even more of a scary proposition if he truly believes some of the statements he makes.  What has happened to the office of the President?

I listen to some of our Congress people make statements such as how they are afraid the presence of the Navy is going to make Guam tip over, someone else is going to ‘set herself on fire if Obama does not get his way’, and another who seems to historically have the Democrats confused with the Republicans regarding who supported the black population after the Civil War.  I listen to Pelosi with her ‘we must pass it to know what is in it’ and then watch her run across the floor of Congress because a speaker said something she did not like some school yard bully who has just targeted their next mark for someone’s lunch money.  I listen to anti-gun arguments of how background checks will keep illegal people from getting illegal guns much like making the Black market illegal was supposed to stop the flow of arms and goods.  I hear how guns kill people, then extra magazines kill people, then how certain ammo kills people, all the while the gun, magazine and bullets just sit on the table never jumping up to attack.  What has happened to our elected leaders needing to be smarter than a box of rocks?

I see Russia attacking the Ukraine and threatening Danish ships with nuclear weapons.  I see Jordan, a Muslim country, taking a leading role in the war against radical Islam while America tries to figure out if radical Islam even exists.  I see an American President backing the enemies of Israel and openly snubbing one of the greatest allies America.  Healthcare is available to a few who could not get it before because they fell through some of the cracks in the system because others who had good health care and lost it due to the Affordable Health Care act lost their coverage and are forced to pay more for their new coverage.  I see billions of US taxpayer dollars wasted on corporations that have no basis for support and go bankrupt, or go towards nations which opposed America and the American way of life and instead promote the very mentality that have been killing innocent men, women and children based solely on their religion, or I see millions of taxpayer dollars spend to allow the President to have a ‘date’ with his wife in a different state or go for more vacations around the globe than most Americans have in a lifetime.  Where does the insanity end?  Right is now wrong.  Up is now down.  Racism is based upon what color of jelly bean a person eats.  As the song used to say:  Stop the world I want to get off!  What has happened to accountability, ethics and common sense?

At our present rate, IF America makes it to the next election we probably only have ONE more shot to get things right.  This insanity must cease.  Accountability for what our elected officials say, believe and do must be reinstated.  Yes, America is a melting pot of ideas but not when those ideas are the same philosophies that run contrary to the very core of American values are they permitted in our governmental leaders.  People must be removed from office that makes statements that are so farfetched as to baffle an intelligent mind.  These people who act and talk like they should not be allowed to roam the streets alone should not be allowed to make laws that govern a nation.  America must have direction again.  America is seen as a boat floating along on a lake with no paddle, rudder or means of propulsion.  America is going to be held accountable if things do not change for sitting back while innocent people are being butchered simply because of what they believe.   What has happened to my country?


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