Politically correct ignorance

sons of confederate veterans

I am proud to be a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  This membership does not make me a racist.  It does give me an avenue to honor my ancestors who were in the Civil War as Confederates.  Political correctness has developed a new era of ignorance in history.  According to political correctness if you were a Confederate or support the Confederacy then you are a racists.  According to political correctness if you eat black jelly beans or a peanut butter sandwich you are also a racists.  The idea of racism has been so corrupted by the liberal left that any resemblance of truth is lost.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans was formed around 1896.  There is also a group called the Sons of Union Veterans which was formed in 1881.  These are historical organizations which were formed to honor those who fought in the Civil War.  Yet our great political talking heads have taken it upon themselves to moralize historical groups according to present day stupidity.  It is this effort to rewrite history in order to please loud mouthed present day groups which make it almost impossible for our children to get a true and accurate education.  The South did not enter the Civil War to keep people enslaved.  The South entered the Civil War to protect States’ Rights.  There were some very wealthy blacks in the South prior to and during the Civil War.  The idea that all slave owners were beating and dismembering their slaves is also not true.  The slave was the ‘employee’ of the slave owner.  Most slave owners knew that it was the black slave who was going to make or break them so they treated their ‘slaved’ well.  Many slaves after the Emancipation Proclamation did not want to leave their ‘owners’ because they were well protected and they had their needed addressed.  The image of the ‘master’ beating their slave did happen but not nearly as much as the propaganda machine of the liberal left wants to make people believe.  In reality, it was the Democrats before, during and after the Civil War that pushed keeping the black oppressed without rights as a human being than the conservative right or Republicans.  But this is not ‘politically correct information’.

For people to believe that the Confederate flag is a symbol of oppression and racism is a statement of nothing more than pure ignorance of history.  It is no more a symbol of racism any more than the flag of the Union is a representation of oppression of State’s Rights.  The flags are nothing more than a symbol of those who fought for a belief.  Racism was the emotional spark that was necessary for people to get behind the Civil War.  Like with politics today, governmental talking heads use emotional buttons to motivate people to get behind an idea in order to push a certain agenda.  Usually there is money involved.  Without the emotional buttons being pushed people do not get involved.  Without the backing of the people the government can do very little.

History must not be rewritten.  History must be the schoolmaster from which society may learn hard lessons.  We must learn real history and not an adjusted form of politically correct garbage that is being spun.  The Confederate flag is neither racists nor a symbol of racism.  It is a symbol of historical belief of courage to stand for the State to have the right to stand on its own apart from the federal government and their ability to impose a will and order upon those States.  Maybe one reason why this is being removed from history today is because that is what is happening again today and it does not want the rest of the nation to realize it.  Either we learn from history or we are destined to repeat it.


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