I admit that I am not a political rock scientist.  I do not know all the detailed ins and outs of foreign policy and the deep dark secrets of government.  Maybe that is a good thing.  What I am is an American who tries to practice the common sense my dad tried his best to instill in me.  As an interested by-stander who listens to reports and does his own research regarding matters, there are some significant questions remaining regarding the deaths of Americans in Benghazi.  I have no loyalty to any political party.  What I do have a loyalty to is getting answers to troubling questions.  There are so many accusations from both parties flying back and forth that it makes so much mud that it is difficult to know what to believe.  What remains are some established facts which still demand answers.

Some of the facts which remain unanswered regarding Benghazi are the realities that four Americans, including one Ambassador, were murdered in the attack.  Another fact is that 10 others were injured in the attack.  There had been a history of previous attacks on the compound earlier that year.  There had been requests for additional security.  The CIA had active participation in Benghazi regarding arms and arms movement.  The attack, which was known to have been done by radical Islamic extremists was actively and purposely, as per emails, covered up as being a reaction to a film made in America.  There were American resources within reach to respond to the attacks but were not instructed to respond.  During this American crisis, remembering that the murder of an Ambassador may be seen as an act of war, the President was busy watching a basketball game and was not informed or did not leave is he was informed.  Many of the remaining wounded were ordered to keep quiet regarding the matter.

I am a retired psychotherapist with a forte in working with veterans.  Many of my veterans were from the Vietnam War.  There were too many accounts of troops left to fend for themselves without proper assistance due to orders being given not to respond.  Lives were expendable.  Likewise having been a student of human behavior, when I watched Hillary’s self-righteous response of ‘what difference does it make’, I was left with the feeling ‘she does protest too much’.  As I watch the political circus which our politicians call Congress is see people paid much more than they deserve doing everything they can to keep the real issues uncovered and answers given.  These questions remain unanswered and demand to be resolved.  There are four sets of parents who deserve REAL answers and not political BS.  I cannot begin to imagine how infuriated these parents must feel about all the mush that they have been force fed regarding what happened to their children.  There are also 10 others who have been changed for life having been wounded in these actions that deserve real answers.

Personally, I do not care if it means Hillary Clinton gets grilled over the events until answers are found or if Abraham Lincoln is grilled, Americans deserve real answers.  There is no place for political protections and ‘big name’ insulations regarding this matter.  The more people scream that it is time to stop digging makes me think that maybe they need to dig a little deeper.  What the events around the Benghazi attacks leave me as an interested observer believing is that the CIA was caught with their preverbal hand in the cookie jar and they had to cover things up at all costs.  Secretary of State Clinton was in to the CIA activities like a skinny dipper in a warm lake.  There was full knowledge of the risks to American lives but keeping the secrets was felt as a greater interest than keep Americans safe.  The narrative of the terrorists being on the run had to be protected and projected at all cost even to the extreme of making America as the instigator of the attack through the ‘film’.

The government seems so shocked that people do not trust them.  The administration gives lip service to wanting to regain the trust of the people.  If you really want the American people to start trusting the government again then the government needs to start being honest with the American people.  What a novel concept:  the government being honest with the people!


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