Government police department


Is it to do a better job to the people or selling their souls for a bowl of federal porridge, but six cities have been selected as pilot programs where the federal government will instruct their police force how to interact with people and how to do their jobs as a police force.  Minneapolis, Fort Worth, Pittsburgh, Stockton, Birmingham and Gary, IN are the six pilot police departments now under the federal government.  Each city appears to be paid $4.7 million dollars and the government will provide training as well as dictate present and future policy for the department.  There will also be ‘research’ into why ‘citizens distrust law enforcement and law enforcement distrust citizens’.

This is disturbing especially in light of Obama’s recent statements regarding police departments and police officers.  I grew up trusting police officers.  I know firsthand that there are some police who are corrupt.  But I believe that most police officers join the force because they want to make a difference in their communities and are willing to lay down their lives if necessary in protecting the good people of their community from the bad.  It is an extreme insult to every police officer who puts on their uniform as well as those who are retired from the force when Obama made his statements about how racism is a national problem to be found in the police departments.  HOW DARE HE MAKE THIS INSULT AGAINST PEOPLE WHO ARE WILLING TO SACRIFICE LIFE FOR PEOPLE OF ALL RACE AND COLOR!

Now that there are pilot programs where the federal government will now dictate to these police departments how to police the communities what can be expected?  A brief look at this administration might be enlightening.  According to the history of this administration hate speech will be expanded.  There is a question if speaking against the Muslim communities will be deemed ‘hate speech’.  In some school districts there are restrictions on punishing students ‘of color’.  Are these police forces going to be able to enforce the law where the criminal is a ‘person of color’?  How about the situations where the police officer is being attacked?  Will the officers be able to defend himself against a ‘person of color’?  This administration has done more to take race relations back to the Stone Age than any other single group or organization.  Race relations are not improved by setting one race into a protected category where it cannot be touched, arrested, or punished.  The types of actions taken by this administration to protect people of ‘color’ have only added fire to race relations.  It does not take a ‘social scientist’ to know what happens in a family where there is a sibling who is the ‘chosen child’.  No one is permitted to speak badly against that child and no one is able to punish that child when he or she does something wrong.   After a while the rest of the sibling learns to hate that child.  This administration is setting race relations into situations where America is closer to civil war than ever before.

Growing up around Chicago I learned the meaning of ‘zebra wars’.  This was the idea of blacks warring against white.  It represented an action of total violence and civil unrest where the two races met on a battlefield intent on killing off the other.  This administration has done nothing but fire up groups like the Black Panthers and other criminal domestic organizations who have verbally made clear their intention to kill off as many white people as possible.  I fear for the police officers in the pilot communities and their well-being as radical black groups discover that they are now under the protecting blanket of the federal government.

No police force should ever be under the hand of the federal government.  It has never worked well for that nation.  The federal government is a political organization and politics should NEVER be part of the police department.  I hate to see what will happen in the six pilot cities.  May God be with them because they are going to need it.


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