Answer to Radical Islam at home

Islam in America

There is a great deal of talk about ISIS wanting to attack American homeland.  There are many brags about how many sleeper cells there are on American soil and how radical Islam is going to destroy the United States from within.  There are known training camps within our borders.  There are also communities of radical Islam that wants to force sharia law on Americans.  I have a simple answer to these threats and to the vermin called radical Islam.  It is found in the US Constitution under the Bill of Rights amendment 2.

I believe it is safe and right to take the time to instruct all legal gun owners, and actually anyone out there who does not want to see their family butchered by these animals, to carry discreetly concealed your firearm.  I would love to see how these morons would respond after trying to take over a shopping mall when a few hundred armed citizens start returning fire.  These animals are cowards.  The butcher innocent women and children.  The only way they can kill an adult is if his is hogtied.  These animals will never take on a healthy adult one on one.  I see them waving their knives in the air like some idiot high school sophomore drunk after his football team one there first game.  (no insult to high school sophomores intended).  These wack-jobs are running around screaming allah akabar and other crazy things after insulting anything and everything that Islam is supposed to represent.  Despite what our dear administration want people to believe, these nut cookies do represent their version of Islam.  Personally I do not know why more Muslims in our nation are so silent.  I am glad to see Muslims from around the world attacking these idiots and sending them right where they belong and that is in little pieces back to the ground as food for the jackals.

Americans, it is time to prepare yourself is you are not already.  It is time to make sure that your family is protected.  These idiots are cowards and only want unarmed victims.  I know there are those who are going to have an hemorrhage over the fact that I am saying to arm yourself against potential idiots who want to kill your family.  In my opinion these anti-gun loonies probably have armed guards surrounding them on a daily basis.  For those anti-gun loons who are just anti-gun and think that everything can be solved through sitting down over tea and cookies really deserve what they get.  Unfortunately there will be good people who are going to be put in harm’s way because some unarmed liberal decided to want to chat with a terrorists and the armed citizen will have to try to get his miserable liberal butt out alive.

Do not be misled.  These radical Islamic followers are out there.   They have every intention to destroy America from within and every intention to kill anyone in their way.  They do not care about you, your family, your values or your freedoms.  If they are allowed they will burn anyone who refuses to submit to Islam alive and cut off the heads of your children.  Do not fall asleep believe all the wonderful bed times stories our administration want to tell you.  Basically regarding this issue I firmly personally believe that if their lips are moving they are probably lying.  During World War II the Japanese never attacked American borders because they knew that behind every blade of grass was a citizen with a rifle.  It is time to let those radical warmongers of Islam know the same thing.  We the People of the United States will NEVER sit back and watch you idiots take over our country, our families or our freedoms.  We the People of the United States will fight and kill anyone who wants to do our families or our nation harm.  We the People of the Unites States are armed and we know how to use them.  We the People of the United States of American are pissed and a pissed off American is a major force with which to be reckoned.  DO NOT TRY US OR CROSS US!  RADICAL ISLAM, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


4 thoughts on “Answer to Radical Islam at home

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  2. Steve

    You make very good points and I agree. I would like to tell you that personally when I read articles and essays I judge spelling and syntax. I rate credibility in part on those two things. I’d recommend you have a friend read your piece before publishing. A spell check will tell you “one a game” is spelled correctly, it won’t tell you you meant “won a game”.

  3. Gerald Green

    Amen Brother. Those idiots are in for a rude awakening !! Something like they have never seen before. You are so very right that they will not fight fair and it would be interesting what would happen if they faced returned fire.


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