I dare you to get behind the badge!


I am proud to be the brother of two retired police officers.  They served this nation in a noble capacity facing domestic war zones on a regular basis.  If you want me to have any sense of sympathy for the protesters of Ferguson you are barking up the wrong tree.  These people are not protesters.  These people are nothing more than low life animals.  People are all upset about a high number of black people pulled over in comparison to white people in Ferguson.  Evident these people which includes Mr. President have not heard of a simply thing called ‘basic math’.

Ferguson is made up of basically 2/3rd black and 1/3 white.  These are not hard fast numbers since there are other smaller portions of races that are sprinkled in the area.  It should not be a surprise that more blacks are arrested or pulled over than whites.  I am not saying that there may not be racial issues or concerns.  Anytime anyone in law enforcement is in a situation where they are constantly being threatened by members of a particular race they will have additional concerns regarding people of that race.  THIS IS NATURAL!  How many veterans from Vietnam are wary of Asians today nearly 5 decades the war?  How many World War II veterans were wary of Japanese for the rest of their lives after the war was over?  I can assure you that if Jim Bowie had lived through the Alamo he probably would have had concerns being around Mexicans.  This is a natural response to consistent threat.

One big problem with the animals of Ferguson is that they overshadow the good black people of that area.  I am sure there are many good black people who appreciate what the police force has done to keep them safe.  It is truly sickening how many people love to complain about the police while not having any concept of their jobs.  I dare anyone of those animals who love to demonize the police force to go behind the badge and live their life for one year.  I truly do not believe the complainers would have what it takes to live the badge for even that amount of time.  I want to see how they survive in the streets at two in the morning.  I want to see how they would survive clearing a warehouse that has had an alarm go off.  I would love to see how they would deal with unattended deaths and then have to tell a family member the news.  I want to see how those idiots who love to protest would deal with a child that has just been beaten so badly by their father that they are unrecognizable.  The protesters do nothing but protest and have no brains left over to do any good for society.  If you really want to accomplish something, shut up and get behind the badge!

I want these people who love to protest to know what it is like to live every day of work and then every hour off work wondering if some nut-job is going to try and kill you.  I want them to know what it is like wondering if your family is safe of if some wacko is going to try to get to you through your family.  I want these idiots who love to protest to feel the anxiety of just hoping you are observant enough not to overlook the signs of a sniper.  I want them to feel what it is like to go into a druggies den and hope you do not set off a booby-trap.  I want them to have the sleepless nights that are shared by our police officers because of cold sweats or the waking up in the middle of night terrors.  These people who love to protest will never take up this offer.  They do not have the nerve, courage, or ability to follow in the shoes of a police officer.  They have no idea of the life of a police officer.  All these protesters know to do is to show the world just how stupid they are by complaining about the very people who protect their rights to be morons.  These people love to protest about things they have no concept regarding.


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