The Hyperbole President


There is a double standard for speech between the President of the United States and other people.  Other people are able to use phrases such as ‘I tried at least a million times to get that right’, ‘I always never go there’, or ‘Going through that process was as easy as falling off a log’.  But when you are the President people expect you to actually say what you mean and to mean what you say.  So when the President makes a statement like ‘buying a gun is as easy as buying a book or vegetables’ people actually expect that to be the truth.  But either this was another example of our President using a hyperbole in speech, was completely ignorant on the gun buying processes, or was not meant to be taken literally or he was purposefully lying to the American people.  Please be assured that it is more difficult to buy a gun than to buy veggies.

First of all I do not know anyone who has been able to run down to the 24 hour gun-mart and put down his EBT card to buy a .38.  Even if you are purchasing a gun from a friend or relative it usually cost a bit more than a bunch of carrots.  In the typical gun purchasing process there are additional hurdles which must be passed.  I have never heard of anyone being required to pass a background check to purchase a copy of ‘Moby Dick’.  I do not know where the anti-gun people get their facts but most everywhere I know when you want to purchase a gun you have to pass a background check.  If you have a concealed carry permit that acts as your evidence that you have already passed a background check so you do not need to pass another one for your present purchase.  But you always have to pass a background check sometime and somewhere for a gun purchase.  The anti-gun people want to make it look like it is so easy to get a gun is why bad people can get a gun to do bad things.  But this group has yet to ever prove how rules and laws will keep people who are determined to break the law will ever be stopped by an additional law.

Mr. President, I hate to inform you that last I knew you cannot go to your local gun-mart and purchase a cluster of .45s nicely bound together with a rubber band or a pound of .380s for $5.00.  I would love to find a $5 Friday special on a Colt.  Mr. President I honestly try to respect you but when you say stupid things like ‘to buy a gun is as easy as buying a book or vegetables’ you lose any credibility that I have tried to convince myself you deserve.  Our Presidents are a long line of respectable people and this lineage of honor needs people who are truthful.  If this statement made regarding the purchase of a gun was actually made as a serious remark to be taken literally it is beyond the pale of understanding how anyone could make that statement with a straight face and how anyone could possibly believe it.  For anyone to have believed that statement would be comparable to those naïve enough to want to purchase ocean front property in Iowa.


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