Please do your homework


As I listen to some of our politicians I am amazed as to how little they must actually know about either their party or their personal history.  There are two groups that catch my attention.  The first are the outspoken black Democrats who are so into social activism and changing the world for black people through their party.  The other is the black and Jewish members of Congress who are so active in seeking gun control and registration.  Let’s get one thing straight from the start.  This is not about race but about politicians who claim to be intelligent yet obviously have not done their homework and therefore do not have any idea as to what they are saying.

People do not seem to understand that the Democrat Party was actually formed to support slavery and to oppose anti-slavery actions by the Republicans.  The 13th amendment which abolished slavery only had a 23% Democrat vote and the 14th amendment which gave freed blacks citizenship have zero Democrats supporting it.  The Dixiecrats which were the Democrats of the south opposed equal rights for the blacks.  After the Civil War many blacks were in politics as Republicans because it was the Republicans who were the spearhead for their civil rights.  Today when I hear outspoken black Democrats talk about how the Republicans are having a war on this and a war on that and how the Democrat Party is the individual savior of the black person it proves that some people do not do their homework.  I know that there are some who try to reform a system from the inside.  But they first have to admit that there is a need for reformation.  I am a proud card holding member of the Southern Cherokee Nation of Kentucky.  It would like me trying to promote the civil rights accomplishments of the US Calvary.  Now there could have been an Indian scout who could say:  I am from the Calvary and I am here to help you.  This would be a statement about a ‘personal agenda’.  But to say ‘I am from the Calvary and WE are here to help you’ is making a statement about an organization and the historical agenda of that organization.  For a black member of the Democrat Party to sound off on how the Democrats have carried the mantel of the opposed and the minority is an absolute lie and a total statement based in nothing but ignorance.  There are numerous entitlement programs which seem to be the chosen child of the Democrat Party but how many actual job programs have there been promoted by the Democrat Party?

There are many sides to the question of gun control and the Nazi regime.  There are those who say that the modern gun registration process is almost a cut and paste of the Nazi registration program.  Then there is the other side which says that the Nazis had nothing to do with gun control for the Jews since the Nazis control the area there was no need for gun control.  There still are some basic facts that exist:

  1. Since gun ownership was not in the German Constitution the Jews did not have many guns personally owned and it was never a real priority.
  2. In 1928 the Weimar Regime passed laws to limit gun ownership in an effort to strip weapons from the radical groups such as the ‘brownshirts’.
  3. In 1938 Hitler obtained the gun registration documentation and was able to remove all firearms from the populous.

This sounds so familiar of limiting guns out of the hands of the ‘bad people’ so that there will be a safer society.  Some proponents of these actions point to the fact that Hitler did not have an armed uprising when he took control of the people as ‘evidence’ of a more peaceful society.  The rest is history regarding Hitler, disarming innocent people, power, control and the Jews.  Regardless what side of the issue historically a person wants to side with the facts remain that gun registration only aided Adolf Hitler and thus aided the slaughter of millions of Jews and other.

It is hard to understand why people who have their identity in protecting innocent people would want to take a stand in favor of the very thing that was responsible for the deaths of so many innocent people.  Had the early slaves had the opportunity to be armed against their original captors while still in Africa (who was also black) there is a good chance they never would have been slaves sold to America.  Had they been armed in the South they probably would have fared better against the slave owners who were cruel.  In modern society it is often black against black shootings where an armed assailant attacks an unarmed innocent individual murdering him or her in cold blood.  For those who are of Jewish decent it is extremely hard to begin to comprehend why they would have any level of support for anything that was an aid and assistance to the Nazis in the slaughter of their ancestors.  They are taking many pages directly out of the play book of Adolf Hitler himself!

Either people have never done their homework or they have so sold their very souls to the Democrat Party that history and truth does not matter anymore.  While there is as stated earlier the idea that some people may want to change a bad system from within there are also some lines that are not crossed.  Many of our politicians deny themselves and all for which they seem to stand.  They live the lives of such a great hypocrite that it not only baffles the mind but denounce anything good they might represent.  Every political party has its skeletons.  This is not an indictment against the Democrat Party.  But it is an indictment against people who either is openly lying to the American people or is completely ignorant as to what they represent.  It is easy to accept many misgivings of the individual.  But our elected officials have presented themselves as supposedly being of greater intelligence and or being a visionary for the nation.  It is hard to imagine a visionary for the future that has no possible concept of the past.


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