World War III


It is disturbing to hear a world leader talk about the reality of World War III.  It is especially troubling to hear them say that we are actually in the early stages of World War III with ISIS leading the world deeper into this war.  This was actually something that most people realized was going to happen and with the recent events of ISIS it was clear that things have been materializing.  It does not presently feel like WWIII since there are no bombs falling in our back yards or are having shoot outs in the streets.  But it is that peace that is able to be deceiving.  It is also the attitude of our present administration that is dangerously alluring.

Our President does not want anything to do with the idea of radical Islam.  According to the Obama administration there is no radical Islam, Islam has nothing to do with ISIS and the concept of a rouge band of Islamist killing the in name of their religion is ridiculous.  I have never known anyone to be so purposely ignorant and blind to reality as Mr. Obama.  His loyalty to Islam and his personal connections with organizations affiliated with radical Islam leads America to a dangerous path of naivety.  It is also alarming in that there has been more fiery rhetoric directed towards Benjamin Netanyahu our alley than has been directed towards ISIS.  With these events an even greater disturbing factor in the potential of a World War III is that I, personally, do not know for sure on which side our President choses to fall.  He has funded many Islamic nations which openly and directly are radical Islamic in nature, has strong ties with members of the Muslim Brotherhood which is deemed a terrorist organization by many Muslim countries, is more concerned with not insulting Islam than in eliminating ISIS and Islamic terrorists, refuses to even acknowledge the reality of Islamic radical terrorists, is in open negotiation with a nation with more American blood on its hands than most other Islamic countries known as Iran, seems to be purposely blind to the fact that Iran cannot be trusted regarding their nuclear efforts, and has been openly defiant towards Israel a long standing US alley.  I, personally, cannot say with all certainty that Obama would be actively and completely committed to protecting America and destroying ISIS in the case of an actually WWIII with radical Islam.  Should those events solidly materialize it would be my hope that if he could not be removed from office that those in protective power of America such as the military leaders WHO ARE LOYAL TO AMERICA AND THE CONSTITUTION, would take the power of the military and basically tell our golfer and chief to go to the course and let them take care of matters.  Confine Obama to the golf course and leave defending the nation to the people who really care about the nation.

I hope there would be enough good people who care about this country to step forward and lead.  Our Constitution needs to be salvaged.  Law enforcement personnel will need to decide between following orders and supporting the Constitution.  Military would have to decide between following orders and supporting the Constitution.  Politicians will have to choose between power and money verses supporting the Constitution.  Our present administration and the President seems hell bent upon limiting or totally eradicating the Constitution piece by piece.  The President has not been able to remove firearms so he is attempting to remove the ammunition making the firearm useless.  The President is unable to get all his party in office so he appears to be seeking to flood the ballot box with people who will exchange their favorable vote for free citizenship.  America is at a dangerous point it its history.  Some people may wonder why I write as I do.  I do not want to be alarmist and I do not care to be an extremist.  I have nothing personally to gain by the manner in which I write.  But I feel I have everything to lose if I remain silent.


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