Something seems twisted


Many years ago when I lived in the Portland area I used to work graveyard security at the distribution center for a major retail chain.  I was supposed to work with a partner but my ‘partner’ would bring a pillow, turn on soft music, turn off the lights and take a nap.  I was doing my patrols while he slept and he got a promotion!  Something was definitely wrong with this system.  While listening to the news I cannot help but also feel that something is definitely wrong with the political system.  The Affordable Health Care act was passed by a Democrat held House and Senate at the insistence of a Democrat President.  We will always remember Pelosi’s famous words of ‘we have to pass the bill in order to know what is in the bill’.  Our idiotic elected officials passed a major bill without reading it or knowing what was in it.  This bill has been laced with problems ever since it was initiated.  It has had a cost reality that should have never been permitted.  It has so many ghosts and skeletons in the closet of its passing that the very bill itself represents a process that insults the American voter as ‘stupid’.  Now the AHC, or Obamacare, is again in front of the US Supreme court.  Yet somehow things are getting twisted now that there is a Republican House and Senate that it is the Republican’s fault if this thing falls apart.

I, personally, do not know who has ignored their responsibility more:  the media or the Democrat Party.  The media has never held the people who passed this bill accountable for their actions.  The media has closed their eyes to the fact that this bill was passed by ONE party.  If there is praise or condemnation that is ever to come out of this bill it falls at the feet of ONE party.  If there is a problem that arises from the cost of this bill it is the fault of ONE party.  THIS BILL WAS THE BRAIN CHILD OF THE DEMOCRAT PARTY.  The wording of this bill was so poorly written that there is going to be consistent problems with this bill.  If this bill falls apart it is solely because of the way this bill was established, written, passed and initiated.  It would not be a surprise if this bill dissolves due to its wording.  If anything it is a wonder that it has lasted this long.  The media has betrayed the American people and has made a mockery of the noble history of journalism.  The media has all the appearance of no longer being an investigative force and of being nothing more than a propaganda force for the President.

The Democrat Party may have had diplomats in its history but for the most part today appears to hold very little more than a bunch of cowards.  They are elected to represent the people of their districts yet pass bills without even knowing the content.   Much like the President, the Democrats have yet to ever say ‘maybe we were wrong in passing this bill’.  I have no respect for anyone of any party who is unable to admit when they were wrong.  All I see from the Democrat Party and actually from politicians in general, is a constant blaming everyone else when something they do unravels.  When there is an investigation of a member of the Democrat party recently I see a circling of the wagons to protect and hide rather than a real effort to find the truth in the matter at hand.  Now I do want to pause here for a moment and give credit where credit is due.  There have been a few Democrats who have stepped forward and admitted that passing the Obamacare was the wrong thing to do.  I complement these people for doing the right thing because they are setting themselves up as targets by those whose loyalty to the party supersedes loyalty to the American people.

Every American deserves proper and courageous representation.  Our Forefathers warned against a two-party system because people would have the tendencies to become more loyal to the party then they were to the people they were supposed to represent.  I listen to some of the things our politicians say in public and it makes me truly wonder how some of them are actually able to feed themselves.  It is not uncommon to listen and watch our politicians and to respond to their actions and comments wondering if they are really allowed in public without a guardian.  Americans deserve better.  We deserve a political system filled with people willing to stand against their ‘party’ and to think for themselves.  We deserve politicians who have enough personal fortitude to stand up and admit when they are wrong.  We deserve politician have enough ethics who are willing to admit when they might have crossed a line.  We deserve politicians who realize that the Good Lord gave them both a backbone and a brain and expects them to use both.

Praise and blame must fall where it is deserved and not where it scores the most political points.  News and the media are supposed to be non-political.  The truth does not take sides.  The truth and reality does not show favoritism.  If the Affordable Health Care system falls apart it is not the fault of the Republican Party.  If the Affordable Health Care system falls apart it is solely and totally the responsibility and fault of the Democrat Party, their spokes people, and the President.  Do not blame people who had nothing to do with it if and when it unravels.  Let praise or blame fall where it may and where it is deserved.


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