While some of the Democrat Party concerned themselves with how they were going to rebut a speech they supposedly did not care enough about to listen to, the rest of the nation seemed to hold on to each word.  Benjamin Netanyahu spoke not only as a man who knew the realities of having to fight for the right to exist, not only as a man who was able to personally speak with those who survived the Holocaust, but also as a man who knew all too well the directions things were heading.  While many of our national leaders were fussing over whose plan was better and who did or did not have a right to address Congress they totally missed out on the reality of a nuclear Iran.  Probably one of the most powerful statements from Netanyahu was that any plan would not prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons.  Obama and his followers seemed to totally miss that fact.  They totally do not seem to gather the reality of a nuclear Iran.  It is like they were being taken on a tour of a large cookie factory.  The health inspector was finding rat droppings in the flour, eggs were expired and full of salmonella, oil and grease from the machines were dripping into the mixture, and that the cookies were little lethal pellets waiting to kill anyone who eats them.  Yet after the tour was over they were still determined to make the cookies in the same fashion, same place, and same ingredients because the walnuts made such a delightful sound while being cracked.  They totally missed the whole point of the tour.

Obama seemed upset because Netanyahu did not offer a plan.  Obama probably would have been upset if Netanyahu HAD offered a plan.  Pelosi was so disappointed she almost cried.  Others compared him to Chaney.  The remarks were everything but reality.  Their egos and pride is preventing them from seeing that a nuclear Iran will destroy everyone and everything.  Anyone who thinks that Iran would not seek to use nuclear weapons once they get them live in a total fantasy world.  Netanyahu was trying to warn them about something they have no concept.  Netanyahu was also making something else very clear to our government.  Netanyahu was making it very clear that should we ignore a nuclear Iran and it looks like they are developing nuclear weapons that they will, if needed, stand alone in the fight for the right to exist.  This was a message that was totally loud and clear to everyone else but lost on the President and a few of his minions.

Iran has not moved from their position that Israel needs to be removed from the face of the earth and that America is the ‘Great Satan’ in their view.  Iran will get nuclear weapons if all there is to stop them are plans, talk, meetings, and discussions.  Once Iran gets a nuclear weapon all talking will cease.  There will be no one left with which to speak.


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