Boston bomber

boston bomber

It has been my opportunity to do some volunteer work inside the prison system.  Basically we would go into the prison early in the morning and leave late at night.  This was the schedule for about a week.  That was long enough for me behind that big steel door of the Sally Port.  One thing that you learn from the inside is that there is an ethic system inside.  There are some things that even prisoners do not accept in behavior.  It may be hard to believe that there are behaviors which convicts do not accept but there is actually a higher ethical standard inside the prison than there is outside.  Because of their ethical standard is one reason why child molesters must be kept completely separate from the general public.  Offenses done against children or against a person’s mother are normally rendered as unacceptable.  Often in cases when the legal system is soft on people who commit certain crimes there is justice done inside the prison.  Jeffery Dahmer was a prime example.  Even though they kept him in solitary confinement he violated the ethics by what he did against children and they got to him.  They wanted to get to him, they were able to get to him, and they did get to him.  I was told the details but that is for me to keep and not to share.  The Boston bomber may get off of the death sentence but it will be just a matter of time until justice will be served once he gets inside the prison system.

Our legal system is too full of weeping heart liberals who think that poor little children are not responsible for their actions and need special soft gloves approaches.  If you want to play the game like and adult then you pay like an adult.  I have watched as juveniles get arrested for stabbing their school mates simply because they wanted to know what it felt like to stab and kill someone.  I have watched as juvie sex offenders get the soft glove approach.  I have seen where juvie offenders of breaking and entering and other crimes are able to get their records sealed not allowing future employers know what they have just allowed in their businesses.  Now, do not start the hate mail quite yet.  I do believe that kids do stupid things and need a chance to change or have a fresh start.  But too many times this is taken too far and a very dangerous individual is allowed to cover themselves with a cloak of innocence.

The defense wants the jury to believe that the Boston bomber was just a poor innocent child lead astray by his older brother.  I know what it is like to have older brothers and wanting to please them, get their approval and not want to let them down.  But there is also the idea of knowing right from wrong.  This young man knew what he was doing was going to kill innocent people and he did it in the name of allah as a radical Islamic terrorists.  Our government does not like the words ‘radical Islamic terrorist’ because our government is soft on radical Islamic terrorists.  But the people inside the prison system will have justice served regardless of his religion.  It does not matter what the jury decides.  Justice will be served.


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