Israel in America

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I listen to people from our Congress to individual individuals complain about how much aid the US gives to Israel.  Yet these same people seem to have no problem with all the billions given to Islamic countries.  To Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, and India alone America have over 9 billion dollars to last year.  This is only to four countries and there are many more than receive American taxpayer money.  To Israel last year a little over 3 billion was given.  You can hardly turn on the news and not hear of more people who have been recently killed by radical Islam.  The body count of Americans killed by radical Islam is difficult to calculate.  Americans have been beheaded on our own soil recently by radical Islam.  I have yet to hear of one American beheaded by Israel.  I have yet to hear of Israel going into peaceful gatherings of people who have not done anything negative to anyone and killing randomly.  After Netanyahu spoke to Congress I listened to the responses of the Democrats who were not at the meeting.  For people who supposedly did not listen to his speak they seemed to have a great deal to say.  Their responses ran from the ridiculous to the absurd.  Never before has the Prime Minister of an alley nation ever been treated to such disrespect as some within the Democrat Party showed towards the Prime Minister of Israel. 


Within our present administration there seems to be a line drawn between Islam loyalties and our political relationship with Israel.  Our President is either purposely blind to the American history of Islam, purposely lying about the historical influence of Islam in America or is a complete and total moron regarding the matter.  Never has Islam been positively influential in the history of America.  Islamic pirates learned early on the America was not a place of easy pickings.  Early American Forefathers warned American leaders about Islam and the destruction they have seen it sow in other countries.  There may be some very good Muslims living in America but they would have to be much in the order of a “jack” Muslim much like a “jack” Mormon may be a Mormon but does not accept as valid all the teachings and principles of the Mormon church.  True Islam has never been a major part of America and can never be a major part of America.  True Islam has at its core teachings and principles which more align with Sharia Law than they would the US Constitution.  True Islam teaches the superiority of Islam and all other beliefs are to be destroyed.  True Islam teaches the complete and total subjection of the female to the point of death for her offenses.  In true Islam the female can and will never be an equal to anyone and no one is the equal to a Muslim male.  Islam has always supported the taking of slaves and does so to this day.  The idea of everyone being made equal will never be a part of Islam. 


There is an intense wave of invading anti-Semitism creeping into America.   While Islam has never been a part of American history Judaism has been with America since the beginning.  It was a millionaire Jewish man named Haym Salomon who gave his fortune to fund the American Revolution.   In respect of his sacrifice the 13 stars on the back of the dollar bill is arranged in a Star of David.  Within the 13 folds of the American flag the 11th fold represents Israel.  Yet with this rich heritage of Israel in America Liberal Democrats keep screaming how we are giving too much money to Israel and need to cut them off.  These same Liberal Democrats are also the same ones who have no problem with our giving billions to countries who burn the American flag in public, kill our men and women, torture men, women and children simply because they disagree with their religion, and practice genocide against all who do not share their same religion.  This is an insult to the history of America, the principles of our Forefathers, and everything that is humane.  America should never be the supporter of imported slaughter.  Islam has always been the importer of slaughter from the beginnings of their Jihad.  They carried Islam throughout the Middle East butchering as they went.  I hear people try and compare the Islamic Jihad to the Crusades.  The ignorance of this argument is not worth discussing in that the Jihad covered numerous nations while the Crusades were few and did not happen until after the Islam hordes began their Jihads.  Additionally, Jihad continues to this day as Islam tries like locust to spread across nations killing everything in its path.


At present the level of stupidity that this administration spouts its pro-Islam agenda mounts to nothing less than having become a propaganda tool for the religion.  This is largely because the media failed and betrayed the American people.  The media has become complacent with the ‘Islamification’ of America and has become deaf to the lies being spread in the name of Islam.  Our government has become an accomplice in the betrayal of American roots by permitting a double standard pitting Islam against American Christian roots.  For those who like to try and dispute America’s Christian heritage must disregard scores of records, testimonies of contemporaries of the Forefathers, writings of our Forefathers and their very lives and their personal living testaments.  It is questionable as to what is actually worse.  It is too bad that people are trying to twist and corrupt the history of America by calling good bad and bad good.  But what is worse is that this corruption of history is coming from elected leaders in our own American government.  It is easy to see where a common individual may be incorrect in their understanding of history and historical facts.  But for people in extreme leadership of America who wants people to follow their leadership and instructions to be so ignorant of true American history is beyond the pale.  It demonstrates either extreme ignorance in which their leadership is not worthy to be followed or heeded or it shows a willful intent to purposefully deceive and mislead the American people in which they have just forfeited any right to expect people to want to follow their leadership.   



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