Chinese proverb


There is supposed to be an old Chinese proverb which says something along the line of ‘he who lay with dog get up with flea’.  This adage has been modified in the Western society as we tell our children that they need to be careful of their associates because they will be judged by the company they keep.  If this advice is good enough for my son then it is good enough for our President.  President Obama has not been doing that good of a job in being careful with whom he associates.  He wants us to trust him.  He wants us to have faith in his decisions.  He wants us to believe he has the best interest of our nation at heart but the people with whom he keeps associating keeps chipping away at that trust.

I do not believe that a person should be judged by their family but I admit to have a beginning of my concerns about Mr. Obama with his half-brother who is a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Africa.  Then there was Rev. Wright and his good friend Louis Farrakhan who sang his praises to the point of calling Obama the new Messiah.  Obama has repeatedly made choices where race was a strong consideration as to whom he favored.  Now I do not blame a person who might even have a preference of racial associates.  It is Pollyanna to believe that people do not have preferences.  But if you are to be the leader of a nation then race must take a back seat to the nation.  Obama has proven to make very poor choices.  His choice to make comments against a white police officer who had a confrontation with an unknown individual who was black; choose to go to the funeral of Mandela during a time when America was supposed to be ‘broke’ instead of the funeral of an American astronaut and hero; his comments regarding Travon Martin as if he had a son this is what he would be like which just added fire on to an already volatile situation; his comment of ‘stay the course’ to the rioters in Ferguson; his consistent habit of when the going gets tough the President goes golfing; the recent summit on extremism where the only people permitted to be part of the summit were those representing the extremists; and his consistent attitude that seems more like defending radical Islam more than wanting to defeat it;  all these things chip away at any sense of Obama having the back of America and Americans.

When I hear the King of Jordan make comments such as the events with ISIS is the beginning of World War III I tend to listen.  The King of Jordan knows the Muslim community directly and has an impression of the situation that is quite serious.  Obama seems to blow off any sense of seriousness where ISIS is concerned.  People want to make a big deal over the air strikes which Obama have approved against ISIS as being a significant assault.  It needs to be kept into perspective that Obama has basically approved a total amount of air strikes in total equal to the number of air strikes made during the opening days of the Iraq War in one day.  Obama’s main concern seems to remain not to insult Islam as opposed to eradicating ISIS and radical Islam.  Obama cannot even consider eradicating radical Islam since he refuses to acknowledge radical Islam.  Unfortunately Obama also seems to give all appearance of being part of radical Islam by his choices.  There is never ‘reasonable grievances’ when the one who is supposed to be the offended burns people alive and seems to make a party out of cutting off people’s heads.  That is equal to saying that Adolf Hitler had a reasonable grievance against the Jews which is why he had the gas chambers.  It is an insult to humanity.

There is something no quite right regarding Barack Obama.  The media betrayed America by never asking hard questions.  The Democrat party has betrayed America by blindly following him regardless of his actions.  And personally I have no idea where the GOP stands in all of this mess.  Barack Obama has every appearance of purposely trying to create a national crisis of civil war by pitting race against race and by being purposely blind to the actions of radical Islam within this nation.  Is this his desired outcome?  If there is a national crisis then FEMA takes control.  Even the most basic of all research inquiries pertaining to the powers of FEMA and the various executive orders granting them power during a time of national emergency would shock more Americans who love to believe that they are safe and protected by the Constitution.

I am not one to scream conspiracy at every shadow.  But I do try to be a realist.  I do not want to believe that there is anyone in an elected position or office who is purposely planning the destruction or compromise of the American way of life.  But apart from going completely blind to the behaviors around us and the actions of people in political power there is nothing left but an increasing nagging feeling that something just is not right in ‘Whoville’.


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