Anti-Semitism in Congress

Israel flag

Members of Congress are our employees.  They have a job to do and that job has obligations.  They usually tend to forget that they have obligations.  One of those obligations is that they will show up in Congress.  We have approximately 57 Democrat members in Congress who are seemingly proud of the fact that they will not be in their chairs when the Prime Minister of Israel speaks today.  These members of Congress are bragging about shirking their duties and not doing their jobs.  Yet they also still want a paycheck.  Everyone else is required to do their jobs if they want a paycheck.  Why do those in Congress feel they are above this simple requirement?  I wonder how many of these Democrats would be walking out of Congress if the speaker was the Prime Minister of an African nation.  I specifically use an African nation since under this administration it appears that they are more interested in supporting African nations than they are supporting the United States.  One question that needs to be asked is if our Democrat Party is becoming increasingly anti-Semitic.  Israel has been an ally for decades.  To walk out on the Prime Minister of Israel would be similar to walking out on the Prime Minister of the UK.  What is happening with our Congress?  More specifically is the question what is happening with the Democrat Party?

Obama has been showing his real feelings regarding Israel.  He has snubbed the Prime Minister and other representatives from Israel on a few occasions.  Now it has even been stated that Obama has apparently expressed that he would order Israeli planes shot down should Israel bomb the nuclear plants in Iran.  Obama has ignored the anniversary of the Holocaust.  Obama has made the comment that Netanyahu will ‘pay’ for speaking in Congress.  This, by all other accounts, would be deemed a threat.  This administration has every appearance of being the first anti-Semitic administration in the history of the United States.  Our President is totally ignorant if he truly believes that Islam has played a more important part in the US history than Israel.  Islam pirates attacked the United States.  It was a Jewish millionaire who gave his fortune to fund the American Revolution.  Even in the meaning of the folds in the US flag is Israel honored and recognized.

Netanyahu has a valid concern about Iran getting a nuclear weapon.  Iran has a history of not being truthful and of lying as needed to move forward.  Anyone who truly believes that Iran would not seek a nuclear weapon if given the opportunity is so naive as to border on the psychotic.  The President’s Islamic teachings, training, leanings and loyalties have blinded him to radical Islam and the realities and threats which the world is facing.  The President’s arrogance and his impression of his own personal importance is concerning regarding his own personal emotional stability.  Obama seems to hold that he alone knows what is best for America, Iran, and the world.  This is beyond irrational.  Iran has made it clear they seek the total destruction of Israel and America.  Netanyahu has a reason to be concerned about the potential of a nuclear Iran.  Obama seems to say that the world can trust Iran when Iran has been secretly advancing their nuclear program from the beginning.

Our political leaders deserve to be fired for not doing their jobs.  Our President has abandoned his oath to support the Constitution and to defend America through his personal arrogance, questionable executive orders, statements as to how he plans to veto whatever the ‘Republicans’ send to his office after being legally and Constitutionally passed, and his unquestionable loyalty to Islam and all that is associated with Islam.  Many of our Democrat leaders are abandoning their obligations to be in Congress.  I hope that the behaviors of our elected officials in Congress are remembered at the next election so that people could be placed in Congress who seem to actually want to do their jobs and duties.


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