What does Obama really want?

obama sitting

It is clear from my previous writings that I do not like, appreciate or respect President Obama.  This is my personal opinion and right as an American.  While I doubt his motives and actions I still try to hope for the best somewhere along the line.  In my efforts to honestly try to give the best possible perspective on his actions I must admit that I am totally at a loss.  I look at those he has surrounding him, advising him, that he has placed in positions of significance and this other actions and continually get increasingly bewildered.  What does Obama really want?  What is his end game?  What is he really trying to create?  Where is he going?  Where ever he is going he is taking America so I believe that is a significant question.  What does Obama really want of and from America?  I admit that I am being stripped of every possible conclusion but that President Obama is purposely trying to create a major conflict within America.  I know that this will find harsh reactions from many but I truly cannot come to any other conclusion.  For me to accept any other possible outcome from his actions would mean that I would have to be purposely blind to his actions and decisions.

Obama immediately after entering office created one of the greatest and overwhelming national debts since the time of George Washington.  His stimulus packages placed the national debt into the double digit trillions.  I could possibly see some benefit but it takes a real stretch of the imagination.  He then passes, basically one pass passing, his sweeping health care plan.  Today Obamacare as it is called is being found to have many dark areas and costs that was not revealed at the time of its passing mainly due to the incompetence of our Congressional leaders to pass something they had neither read nor had any true concept of its contents.  We have seen issue after issue of ethic and possibly legal violation of this administration and/or of people within the administration from Fast and Furious with Eric Holder to Benghazi with Sect. Clinton, to the IRS and numerous unrevealed contacts.  They all could be written off as politics but there are too many questions remaining.  It is proven that the IRS was used as a political weapon which is an extreme violation of governmental trust and power to the highest extreme.  As ISIS raised its ugly head we saw a President who appeared to be more interested in golf than a beheaded American.  As ISIS increased what was evident between the President and his staff and the Pentagon was a struggle between destroying ISIS and not insulting Islam.  Case after case when the world would arise to deal with radical Islam our President either remained silent or was outspoken in his concern over not wanting to appear to be in conflict with Islam.  It is his outspoken rule to by no means refer to the terrorists as ‘radical Islamic’ even though they themselves as well as the rest of the world calls it Islam extremism.  Our President says that religion has nothing to do with the actions of ISIS while ISIS destroys priceless and irreplaceable antiquities simply because they conflicted with their religious beliefs.  We see our President under the guise of opening the borders to the ‘undocumented’ as a means of promoting America while Americans are unemployed and while the cost of his amnesty plan has never had a true cost calculation.  We see a President who is more antagonistic towards the Republican Party than he appears to be against ISIS and radical Islam.  We see a President who says he wants cooperation but then immediately goads this opposition.  We see a President who, after failing to get a gun ban, using his pen to strike ammunition under the appearance of wanting to protect law enforcement.  What we keep seeing is a President who repeatedly and consistently keeps chipping away at personal liberties and what appears to be, not only American safety, but at the American core of existence.  America has never been more at risk yet the statements coming from this administration is that America has never been safer.  Americans are unemployed and struggling to live day to day while the President and his family go off on vacation after vacation spending more money of the taxpayer than the average American can make in a lifetime.

There is a deeply disturbing question which arises when there appears to be such a major divide between the administration and seemingly reality.  It appears our President wants to create a major divide within America.  It appears the President is trying to create issues of conflict.  It appears that our President is determined to create crisis.  It appears that our President is purposely doing things and passing his agenda regardless of the will of the American people.  WHEN WILL IT END?  This is greatly disturbing.  If any one single citizen would create this much conflict and encouraging of crisis as the President did with his statements regarding Ferguson and Trayvon Martin he would be on every FBI radar for actions of insurrection.  Again, I do not want to believe that our President is actually trying to create a powder keg within America but the evidence keeps on mounting.  We have ISIS and other radical Islamic camps in America.  It has been stated that there are radical Islamic personal in every one of the 50 states.  I am left with the nagging question;  Is Barack Obama setting America up for civil war?  If anyone has another answer I would love to hear.


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