Black reparations

Often times I hear cries for the federal government to pay the blacks in this country reparations for slavery.  This is a ridiculous idea.  In so many ways you have already been paid.  As I hear these types of calls, usually from radicals within the race, I only get more irritated.  I see the black caucus in Washington that seems to be made up of a secret society of black Democrats who appear to feel that everything should be in favor of the black community or it is racists.  I see a black Negro college fund.  I see black only television.  I see black Miss America.  I see black only magazines.  I see so many things that are solely made for black people.  I see the affirmative action that permits a black person to be hired over a more qualified white person simply because of color.  I see so many things that are just for blacks in the name of ‘progression’ that would only in reality make a person like Martin Luther King vomit!

The black people who scream reparations, it would be my guess, probably do not even have ancestors who were in this country back during the days of slavery.  They say that when they were sold it degraded them.  I am a member of a Native American tribe.  If a person was sold it meant you at least had a value.  My people were killed or taken as a prize.  My people were given blankets to keep us warm during the cold winters that were purposely infected with the small pox virus simply to try and kill us off with biological warfare.  My people were allowed to be slaughtered by whites.  After the Civil War those of my people who were part of the Confederacy was allowed to be slaughtered while under the ‘care’ of the government by those other Natives who favored the North.  My people were moved from reservation to reservation as soon as the worthless land we were forced onto was found to have some value.  My people were shipped off into slavery to other countries as some exotic prize gift.  My people had bounty on their heads paid by how many Indian scalps were brought in.   My people were rejected the right to vote or exist until well after the freed slaves.  My people had their native language beaten out of them.  We did not sing songs in our native tongue out in the open to raise our spirits.  I am a Native American.  DO NOT TALK TO ME ABOUT HOW THE BLACKS DESERVE REPARATION!

If a person wants to be something they can be whatever they desire.  The blacks and Indians who have made something of themselves in this country have done so because of personal drive.  They found ways to get things done.  At times there were sources of help and assistance.  At times they had to find it all themselves.  But for anyone to think that the government owes them a living because of things their ancestors went through is a sign that people need to grow up and stop whining.  If a person wants to get technical then you must also look at the treatment of the Chinese, Irish and any other group of early immigrants.  Some of my white ancestors were Pilgrims.   Some of them were tried and executed as witches.  The Salem Witch trials were sanctioned by the local government at that time.  Do their descendants deserve compensation?  These people were not slaves or forced to work, they were simply hung to die a slow death.  Early hanging was not a perfected as it is today and the event usually meant a slower death.

Every group and person could complain about their ancestors’ treatments.  It is easy if a person chooses to live in the past.  I choose to learn from the past and to live in the present as I approach my future.  I may be influenced by my past but I chose my present and I basically create my future.  When I hear radical blacks scream for reparations from slavery I actually feel bad for the hard working people within the black community who are striving to build a good family and a better America.  I cannot imagine how embarrassing it must make them feel to hear people who claim to be their representatives whining about things that happened over 150 years ago and more than likely never actually happened to any of their ancestors.  This is my country and this is my life.  I make it want I chose.  I do not choose to live in an era where I was limited.  I chose to live a life of limitless opportunity.    If my ancestors were able to live through all they lived through, all the races which make me up as I am today, then I can take today and run.  There is nothing that can possibly stand in my way of my success but me!


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